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Mack Hopkins, who is best known as the editor of Airrack, started his own channel. But is he still at Airrack? Why did he leave Airrack?

Learn more about his personal and professional life here. We bring you detailed information related to Mack’s age, girlfriend, height, and parents.

Did Mack Hopkins leave the crew of the Airrack? What had happened to him?

One content creator who established a platform, inspired friends, and built an entire company is Airrack’s Crew. Airrack editor Mack Hopkins, although some fans are starting to question whether he’s still at the company. Over the years, Mack’s membership in the Airrack team has inspired his editing approach and brought him closer to elite YouTubers.

The videos created by YouTubers like MrBeast and Airrack are high quality, primarily challenge-based, and often have a format that resembles reality television.

However, Mack wanted to use a more low-fi style to explore his passion for storytelling and cinematography. As a result, Mack began building and cultivating a large following for himself. He has Mr. Beast’s approval for his new endeavors.

Mack continued to be active on social media even after he decided to launch his channel. He differentiates himself from other gimmicky content providers by adopting a very different style of content, even if his previous involvement with Airrack’s team certainly had some effect there. He committed to producing more artistic material, emphasizing cinematography and narrative.

While he occasionally produces challenge-based content—like a film in which he spent 100 hours using artificial intelligence—emotional videos are often the center of his attention . Although the video was extremely successful, Mack did not feel satisfied with it.

Mack also tries to avoid overemphasizing the YouTube algorithm. Their video stats can become an obsession for many current YouTubers, who are constantly trying to use the data to help them reach their next goal.

Due to the instant success of Mack’s content, YouTube celebrity Mr. Beast noticed him. Together, the two go on a mission in October 2023. Fans are concerned about Mack’s material because he hasn’t uploaded it to his YouTube channel since May 2023. Worse, There was considerable concern about his absence from Airrack’s documentation.

Mack’s position in the Airrack team has not yet been officially announced by him. He has started making fewer video appearances and has turned his attention to his content creation. But nothing official has emerged to suggest he has left the group entirely.

Fun fact: Mack was involved in the World’s Most Dangerous Trap! competition. In the final round to leave the $500,000 round, he was also the first person eliminated. Mack, who was vying for $800,000, unfortunately lost the challenge in which he was the only competitor, losing $700,000 by breaking the cookie. But in the end, he was compensated $100,000 for his troubles.

Mack Hopkins net worth

Mack Hopkins’s estimated net worth is less than $200 thousand. He is a senior editor at Airrack and became a video editor at Airrack in August 2019. Mack is the second member of the Airrack Crew.

According to YouTube Fandom, he dropped out of college to work for Airrack.

Mack Hopkins age

Born on March 8, 2000, Mack Hopkins turns 23 years old in 2023.

Who are Mack Hopkins’ parents?

Emra McAlexander Hopkins and Terrence Hopkins are believed to be Mack Hopkins’ parents. Both from Matthews, North Carolina, Emra is 50 years old and Terrence is 62 years old as of 2023.

Emra is available on Facebook.

Mack has an older brother named Scott Hopkins. Scott was born in May 1995 and he turns 28 years old in 2023.

When Mack started his new channel, he dedicated it to his parents and brother according to the credits on his video The Start.

Mack Hopkins height

According to his photos, Mack Hopkins is under 5’7”.

Mack Hopkins’ girlfriend

Mack Hopkins is rumored to be dating Avery Grace Davis. Avery, a graduate of Carmel Christian School, completed a bachelor of fine arts degree at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts.

Avery appears to be a ballet dancer who is also affiliated with an organic grocery store. She is available on Instagram and Facebook.

In December 2020, Mack thanked Avery through an IG post with the caption: “Thanks for coming to see me❤️ and also thanks for making me feel better after flying into a rock at the speed of light. (Swipe to watch video about Drone Abolition).”

Related FAQs

  • Is Mack Hopkins on Instagram?

Yes, Mack Hopkins is present on many social media posts including Instagram, YouTube and X.

  • When is Mack Hopkins’ birthday?

Mack celebrates his birthday on March 8.

  • Where does Mack Hopkins come from?

Mack currently resides in Los Angeles, California.

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