Meet CEO Ryan Cramer! His Age, Net Worth, Height, Tori Spelling

In 2023, actress Tori Spelling was spotted sharing a passionate kiss with her new flame, Ryan Cramer. This is her first public relationship after breaking up with her ex-husband Dean McDermott. So who is Ryan? What does he do for a living?

The answer to that and more will be revealed below as you scroll down.

Meeting Ryan Cramer, Tori Spelling is rumored to have a new love

After divorcing ex-husband Dean McDermott, Tori Spelling was spotted on a romantic date in Los Angeles. She was seen giving passionate kisses to her new boyfriend Ryan Cramer. McDermott’s ex-partner Tori’s romance with Lily Calo has been exclusively revealed by in October 2023, she appeared to be in a lighter mood as she shared a kiss with Cramer, CEO of Santa Monica-based Neuron Syndicate Inc.

After a night out at LA hotspot Level 8, the pair were seen holding hands, kissing and getting into the same car before hugging in the street.

Tori has returned to the dating world since she confirmed her split from Dean McDermott in June 2023. Calo, Dean McDermott’s new partner, works as a senior account executive at Conscious Community Global in Los Angeles. According to LinkedIn, the two were seen together last month at the health and human services organization, where they were said to be working on a project with a “creative development team,” however it is unclear Where did they meet and how long have they been dating, according to LinkedIn.

On October 26, 2023, a source exclusively revealed to InTouch“Dean and Lily met late last year when he collaborated with her on a project.”

They added: “They hit it off immediately, kept in touch and struck up a friendship. Things got romantic a few months ago.”

At the time, Tori was “a little surprised” to hear about Dean’s new relationship, but she wasn’t shocked, the insider shared. “Tori is also ready to dive into the dating pool.”

On October 13, 2023, Dean and Lily were seen going to a government welfare office so Dean could apply for financial aid. Tori and Dean have been struggling financially. From her father Aaron Spelling’s $600 million fortune, she only inherited $800,000. Candy Spelling, Tori’s mother, asserted that the cause was Tori’s lavish spending habits.

After 18 years of marriage, Dean announced on Instagram in June that he and Tori were divorcing. However, he quickly took down the post.

In addition to marital problems, this couple is also famous for having financial difficulties. They owed thousands of dollars and were sued by credit card companies for unpaid payments, which Spelling blamed on their “bad shopping habits.”

Both Tori and Dean were married to other people in 2005 when they first met and began dating while filming a Lifetime movie. On May 7, 2006, the celebrities got married in a secret ceremony in Fiji, just over a month after Tori filed for divorce from Charlie and after Dean split from Mary.

Before Dean, Tori was married to Charlie Shanian. The end of the marriage also caused a rift between the actress and her parents.

Who is Ryan Cramer’s ex-wife?

Ryan Cramer was previously married to Nicole Cramer. They were married at least until mid-2014. However, who and when they filed for divorce is not made public. Back in July 2014, Ryan posted on his Facebook: “Enjoying the 4th with my beautiful wife and soon-to-be baby girl.”

Nicole works as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker/Therapist in Private Practice. She was born in September 1978 and is 45 years old this year.

The ex-lover shares two children. Their son is named Bryce Cramer and also has a daughter named Lilah who turns 9 years old in October 2023.

Ryan Cramer Age

Ryan Cramer’s year of birth is 1978. In 2023, he turns 45 years old.

Ryan Cramer Jobs

Ryan Cramer is CEO/Partner/Chief Creative Officer at Neuron Syndicate Inc. Advertising // Design // Creativity. The company’s goal is to “trigger emotional and intellectual responses through engaging and fantastic concepts. Neuron would not be what it is today without our dedicated team, who I look forward to collaborating with every day.”

Ryan has run the company since 2001.

Ryan worked as an art director at Toyota/Lexus and produced game packaging for Microsoft before he and Sean Alatorre founded Neuron Syndicate. As art director of iFilm, he also directed television introductions for the Independent Film Channel.

The California native attended ArtCenter College of Design, where he studied Graphic Design.

What is Ryan Cramer’s net worth?

Ryan Cramer’s estimated net worth could be over $1.5 million.

Ryan Cramer’s family

Moving on to details about her family, Donna Cramer from Simi Valley, California is Ryan Cramer’s mother. On her Facebook profile, she revealed that she is now a retired grandmother.

Ryan’s father’s name may be Ray Cramer.

In the family, Ryan also has a sister named Kari Cramer. Kari, who also lives in Simi Valley, is 42 years old as of 2023. She attended Moorpark College.

Ryan Cramer’s height

Ryan Cramer’s height is 5’11”.

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  • When is Ryan Cramer’s birthday?

Ryan Cramer celebrates his birthday on August 2.

  • Where does Ryan Cramer come from?

Public records reveal that Ryan Cramer appears to be residing in Santa Monica, California.

  • Is Ryan Cramer on Instagram?

Yes, Ryan Crammer has an Instagram account. His other social media profiles are TwitterYouTube and Facebook.

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