Meet Ellen Decker! Biography, Jed Wyatt, Age, Profession, Brother, Net Worth

Dancing with the stars Hannah Brown’s ex Jed Wyatt has officially moved on. The two got engaged on the final episode of Single girl. For a while, it seemed like the two were in love. But things didn’t last long, as just five weeks after the famous finale, Hannah discovered that Jed actually had a girlfriend before leaving to join the show.

Anyway, the new woman Jed has a crush on is Ellen Decker, and here’s everything you need to know about her.

Meet Ellen Decker, Jed Wyatt’s girlfriend turned fiancee

Ellen Decker and Jed Wyatt confirmed that they started dating on November 8, 2019. And as of now, they are also engaged.

On July 15, 2022, Jed apparently got down on one knee and proposed to Ellen. It happened during Ellen’s birthday weekend in Franklin, Tennessee. Of course, she said yes, and the time since has been heralded as the start of their forever. Breaking the news on Instagram, she wrote in a lengthy post about how she’d cried her eyes out for the past 48 hours, but it still felt like she was dreaming.

ellen-decker-bio-jed-wyatt-age-job-brother-net worth-2022Newly engaged Ellen says she knew this man was her husband the moment she met him (PHOTO: Instagram)

Jed also wrote things like how excited he is to be able to spend his life with Ellen on his Instagram post.

The couple often documents their beautiful memories on social media. And so, there are plenty of memories for you to see. Every chance they get, they shout to the world that they love being together.

As for Jed’s ex-fiancée, she was reportedly quite confused and shocked after her split from Jed. She even took some time off and a date with her ex, Tyler Cameron, to recover from the event. More recently, as of 2020, Hannah has been dating Adam Woolard after meeting on a dating app, according to People magazine. And strangely enough, Hannah’s brother Patrick is actually engaged to Jed’s ex-girlfriend Haley Stevens.

Ellen Decker’s Age

In 2022, Ellen Decker turns 27.

Ellen Decker’s work

According to LinkedIn, Ellen Decker is self-employed as CEO/co-founder/certified personal trainer at Fits twenty from April 2020 to the time of this writing. Fits twenty is an online fitness website and app.

Additionally, prior to working as a freelancer and NCSF certified personal trainer, she worked as an elementary math and science teacher for two tenth and eleventh graders at Score At The Top Learning Centers & Schools for nearly three years. And a year before that, she worked as a server at Range Bar and Grill.

What is Ellen Decker’s net worth?

Ellen Decker’s net worth is said to be less than $500 thousand as of 2022.

A large amount of this money also comes from her clothing line called TWENTY ACTIVITIESa brand that primarily specializes in women’s sportswear. Their newest launches are the ‘Venus Sports Bra’ which costs $40 and the ‘cloud leggings’ which cost $64 each.

Additionally, Ellen earns commissions from Amazon through her ‘Health and Fitness’ account by sharing her favorite products on everything related to health, fitness, exercise, and sporting goods.

Is Ellen Decker related to Eric Decker?

Ellen Decker is not related to Eric Decker, a fan-favorite player in the National Football League. Eric, if you don’t know, has played for the Denver Broncos, New York Jets, Tennessee Titans, and New England Patriots.

Ellen Decker Parents and Siblings

Ellen Decker was born and raised in her hometown of Foxborough, Massachusetts. Although she has recently (2022) lived in Nashville, Tennessee.

Her mother is Lori Decker. On Mother’s Day, Ellen recalled how after her ACL surgery, her mother would deal with her impatience and take her on trips wherever she wanted. She also confided that she still doesn’t know how her mother has put up with her and her siblings for the past 27 years.

Ellen’s father, Rob Decker, also occasionally joins in on his daughter’s social media posts.

As for Ellen Decker’s siblings, she has three brothers: Kevin Decker (on Instagram @kevdeck4163); Cj Decker (Craig Decker) (on Instagram @craigdecks); Dan Decker (on Instagram @ddecks19). They all presumably attended Foxborough High School like Emma. Kevin turns out to be the assistant aquatics director at the Invensys Foxboro Branch of the Hockomock YMCA; Craig Decker attends UMass Lowell; Dan works at UMass Amherst/

All these Deckers together look like a happy bunch.

Related FAQs

  • What is Ellen Decker’s birthday?

Ellen Decker’s birthday is July 17 and she is a Cancer.

  • Is Ellen Decker on Instagram?

Yes. Ellen Decker can be found on Instagram @ellendeckerr with 359 posts and 65.3k followers as of July 25, 2022. Ellen has also entertained another 1.3k friends on Facebook ‘Ellen Marie’.

On TikTok, her @ellendecker account has 5,414 followers.

  • How tall is Ellen Decker?

Ellen Decker is just under 5’8″ tall with a perfectly toned athlete’s body.

Back in college and high school, she was a student athlete. To be exact, when she was studying for her BEd (Secondary School Mathematics Education), she joined the school’s girls’ Lacrosse team.

You know, Ellen went to high school at Foxboro.

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