Meet TikTok star Ryker [@ryker.inthe.6ix]! Age, Real name, Occupation

TikTok Star Ryker [@ryker.inthe.6ix] made her TikTok account private and fans are worried about what happened to her. She has been in a few dramas but when she made her account private, fans wanted to know what made her do that. But, another user might have the answer to that question.

Also, learn about her age, real name and job in this article.

What Happened to TikTok Star Ryker [@ryker.inthe.6ix]?

Ryker [@ryker.inthe.6ix] entertained her 338k followers by creating comedy skits and lip syncing for them, making her a celebrity. She has fans from all over the world who love her. However, followers were worried about her and her family recently when she stopped posting videos on her TikTok.

Another TikTok user, @melissa_a_j, gave insight through a video reshared on Reddit and talked about what might have happened to Ryker. Melissa, the video’s creator, stated in the video, “Ryker just told me that the reason she left TikTok was because someone from the US sent a package to her house. Not to her PO box, but to her home address, which only a handful of people have.”

She added that the package contained Fentanyl powder which her daughter had touched.

“Her 10-year-old daughter opened the package because she was so excited to get a package, and there was white powder flying everywhere,” Melissa added. “Anyone who knows what fentanyl is knows that even the smallest amount can kill you. This is not okay.”

The package containing Fentanyl was sent from the United States to Canada to a home address she “never gave. Except for one person, but let’s leave her out of this right now,” she added. “So if you want to know why she’s not on TikTok right now, it’s because her daughter’s life is in danger, and that’s enough.”

Many fans commented on Ryker’s situation. One wrote, “Ryker wouldn’t lie about this. It puts her family in danger. Shame on you. This app is out of control.” Another added, “Have you seen the psychopaths on TikTok obsessed with her?? I wouldn’t put up with any of them.”

Ryker has also been involved in a TikTok feud with another creator named Casey. Based on Redditor comments, Ryker has called her out for taking advantage of her fans. Some have even accused Casey of being a “baby ki***r.” She also allegedly asked for cash app money for a lawyer so she could sue Ryker.

Some Reddit users have commented that she is manipulative.

TikTok Star Ryker [@ryker.inthe.6ix] Year old

TikTok Star Ryker [@ryker.inthe.6ix]marks her birth year as 1982. So she is 40 years old in 2022. Also, she receives birthday messages from family and friends on January 29.

TikTok Star Ryker [@ryker.inthe.6ix] Real name

One thing we know about TikTok star Ryker [@ryker.inthe.6ix] is her real name is not Ryker. She shared this in June 2021 when one of her fans sent her a gift while speaking to The Ryker Family. She also shared that Ryker is the name of her motorcycle. In fact, she has not revealed her real name at this time.

Who is TikTok star Ryker? [@ryker.inthe.6ix] On Instagram?

Yes, TikTok star Ryker [@ryker.inthe.6ix] is on Instagram. You can find her at (@ryker.inthe.6ix).

Additionally, her other links are TikTok (@ryker.inthe.6ix) and a TikTok backup (@ryker.inthe.6ix2.0). There is also a fake Facebook account that she has warned her followers about via her Instagram.

TikTok Star Ryker [@ryker.inthe.6ix] Job

Beyond TikTok star Ryker’s day job [@ryker.inthe.6ix] has, where she puts food on the table, she is a TikTok star. She also has a sales page where she sells t-shirts and hoodies for both men and women in all sizes. You can visit her store here.

Ryker also created the RykerNation 2022 wall calendar.

In February 2022, Ryker Inthe 6ix also created a GoFundMe to support Rosita’s Way Sanctuary. According to the GoFundMe, the sanctuary provides a home for senior and special needs Chihuahuas to live out their lives in a safe, loving, and healthy environment. As of this writing, they have amassed a total net worth of $3,135.

TikTok Star Ryker [@ryker.inthe.6ix] Partner

TikTok Star Ryker [@ryker.inthe.6ix] is a married woman but tends to remain private when it comes to showing off his wife. In January 2021, she addressed the subject through an IG post. She said that his wife is a very private person and he respects that. She added that IG is just for fun and it only tells a small part of his real life.

When the scammers stole her photos, she was relieved that she didn’t post photos of her wife and daughter Liza.

Because fans begged her to post a picture of her wife, Ryker posted a short clip of her wife from a distance and viewers couldn’t even tell if it was a man or a woman, or even her wife.

In another post in July 2021, Ryker shared that she and her wife both strive to be good mothers to their daughters. A year earlier in October, Ryker shared that one thing she did absolutely right in her life was being a mother to her daughter Liza.

Ryker’s daughter, Liza, is now 10 years old. She celebrated her birthday in April 2022.

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  • Where is TikTok star Ryker? [@ryker.inthe.6ix] Reside?

TikTok Star Ryker [@ryker.inthe.6ix] currently residing in North York, Ontario, Canada.

  • How tall is TikTok star Ryker [@ryker.inthe.6ix]?

Looking at her photos, TikTok star Ryker [@ryker.inthe.6ix] under 5’7″ tall

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