Meet Victoria Jackson and Bill Guthy, Jackson Guthy’s Parents!

You may know Victoria Jackson and Bill Guthy as the parents of Madelyn Cline’s new boyfriend, Jackson Guthy, but big names like Meghan Markle, Cindy Crawford and Jennifer Lopez know them as fashion experts who heed their words. advise.

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Who are Jackson Guthy’s parents?

Jackson Guthy was born to his parents, Meghan Markle and Jennifer Lopez.

After Jackson and Madelyn Cline went public with their relationship on IG in March 2023, Jackson’s parents became the center of attention among the Madelyners. However, Jackson’s parents always attract attention themselves.

Just in June 2023, Jackson’s mother’s name came up in a conversation when Meghan Markle was preparing to sign a deal with Dior. According to the Daily Mail, “The team giving business advice to the couple also included close friend and neighbor Victoria Jackson, who built one of the first television ‘infomercial makeup empires’.”

On the other hand, Jackson’s father is famous for representing Jennifer Lopez’s JLo Beauty. His direct marketing company Guthy-Renker also helped former supermodel Cindy Crawford turn her Meaningful Beauty cream and cosmetics line into an £80 million brand.

Meet Victoria Jackson, Mother Jackson Guthy

Jackson Guthy’s mother, Victoria Jackson was the daughter of Berman and Barbara Barr. Unfortunately, her parents divorced when she was young and when her mother remarried, her father put her and her sister up for adoption. The worst part is that her stepfather, an alcoholic, adopted them but the instability deepened with multiple moves and financial difficulties.

So, with low self-esteem, in high school, Victoria did not feel safe with her educational environment in general and began dropping out of school to work part-time.

One terrifying night, Victoria was even raped and stabbed by a fugitive known as the Pillowcase Rapist, leaving her with acute claustrophobia and other panic disorders.

Victoria Jackson was born on August 31, 1955. That makes her 67 years old in 2023.

This means she was 30 years old when she had Jackson.

Despite being defeated again and again, Victoria Jackson excelled in her studies and won a scholarship to beauty school, and soon built a flourishing career as a makeup artist.

In 1976, she then opened her own company, Victoria Jackson Cosmetics, in her garage and within a few years, her company was successful in creating “No Makeup” makeup, a products that revolutionized a beauty industry that was stuck with excessive makeup. look.

“My goal is to bring out the inherent beauty of every woman. I consider myself a goodwill ambassador for women, using the mantra: ‘When you look better, you feel better, and when you feel better, you can change the world’ ”, she said.

In 1988, Victoria also began teaching Makeup at UCLA and kept this job for the next 10 years.

She even published a book in 1993 called Redefining Beauty, which led her to write a second book, Make Up Your Life, which delved deeper into the power of seeing yourself. beautiful body.

  • What is Victoria Jackson’s net worth?

Victoria Jackson earned a net worth of $500 thousand in 2023.

Meet Bill Guthy, Father Jackson Guthy

Jackson Guthy’s father, Bill Guthy was the son of William Guthy and Elaine A. Carson.

Learn more about him below.

Bill Guthy was born on December 21, 1954. That makes him 68 years old in 2023.

He is only one year older than Victoria.

Bill Guthy is the co-founder of Guthy-Renker Corporation.

Founded in 1988, Guthy-Renker today is one of the world’s largest direct response television companies with revenues of more than $1.3 billion per year and an average annual growth rate of 25 % in 10 years ago.

Guthy-Renker redefined DTC marketing, adopted the subscription model early, pioneered the infomercial industry, and paved the way for celebrity influencers. Their biggest achievements are Meaningful Beauty (collaboration with supermodel Cindy Crawford), JLo Beauty (collaboration with Jennifer Lopez), Tony Robbins (collaboration with great trainer Tony Robbins), IT Cosmetics and Principal Secret.

In addition to running Guthy-Renker, Bill also runs the Guthy-Jackson Charitable Foundation with his wife. The couple founded the charity in 2008 when their daughter, Ali, told them she had retrobulbar headaches and blurred vision and was later diagnosed with Optica Neuromyelitis (NMO).

At the time, NMO was a rare “orphan” disorder. So, to help solve the mysteries of NMO and pioneer solutions, they began funding research.

  • What is Bill Guthy’s net worth?

Bill Guthy boasts a net worth of $600 million by 2023.

Related FAQs

  • Are Jackson Guthy’s parents still married?

Yes, Jackson’s parents are still married.

In fact, the duo recently celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary on December 21, 2022.

  • How many children did Jackson Guthy’s parents have?

Jackson’s parents had two children together – Jackson and his sister Ali Guthy, the reason the Guthy-Jackson Charitable Foundation was established.

Currently, Ali lives in Santa Barbara, California. She is a 2021 graduate of UCLA School of Law.

In addition to Jackson and Ali, Victoria also has another child named Evan (born: January 1986) with her late husband Joe.

Today, Evan lives in Portland, Oregon with his wife Tedde Minogue and their young child.

  • Is Jackson Guthy a parent on Instagram?

We couldn’t find Jackson’s father but his mother is on Instagram @officialvictoriajackson and Facebook @VictoriaJackson.

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