Meet Zachary Kimes and Damon Kimes Jr!

Meet Zachary Kimes and Damon Kimes Jr, the two guys from Heavenly Kimes in Married To Medicine. Learn about their age, work, career and more in the article below.

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Meet Zachary & Damon Kimes Jr, married to medical star Heavenly Kimes Sons

Married to the medical profession The Heavenly Kimes star has two sons named Zachary & Damon Kimes Jr whom she shares with her husband Damon Kimes. On her Instagram, she periodically shares pictures of them, and she always does it with affection. She shared a touching tribute to her children in May 2023 along with the following caption: “I love being a mom! That is my main purpose in life. If my children are okay, then the world is okay. Thank God for these beautiful children.”

Meanwhile, Alaura has grown up in Season 10! Not only did she go to college, but she also went to her prom! Despite the challenges of living in a northern state with her daughter in Florida, Alaura still thought about going to her mother’s alma mater, FAMU.

There are other doctors in Heavenly’s family. She also married a doctor! Looking at the photos she posted on social media, she and Damon have been married for 26 years and seem very content. In August 2021, Heavenly shared a cute video of herself snorkeling with Damon in Turks and Caicos as part of their 24th anniversary.

On their 26th wedding anniversary in August 2023, she added, “I am so proud to marry this man @drdamonkimes He is the kindest, smartest, well-spoken person , the most educated. And a humble man I know. Happy 26th wedding anniversary! I remember those times. When we’re together, we often save money to go to the movies or go out to dinner. We really grew up together. He is my yen! We complement each other very well. The Bible teaches that finding a wife is a good thing and that a husband must stick to his wife.”

When asked why Thien always calls her husband by the nickname “dad” during their outings. Bravo Television In an interview, she replied: “I call him dad because my older son and he have the same name. So when I say ‘Damon’, both of them will answer. So I don’t know how I got it, but I would say, dad. And then he just became a father. He was always a father.” Based on Marriage biographyHeavenly and Damon first met as students at Meharry Medical College.

Heavenly was born on November 17, 1970. She continued her education at Florida A&M University, where she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry and Military Science. She then attended Meharry Medical College, where she completed her Doctor of Dental Surgery degree in the top 10% of her class.

Damon was born on July 15, 1970 and is 53 years old. He works at Roswell Pain Specialists. Furthermore, he also studied Chemistry at Case Western Reserve University.

“We are lucky, more than lucky,” said Dr. Heavenly, who said she and her husband are two of them proud parents. “We are doing something right. That’s right.”

Meet Damon Kimes Jr, Eldest Son of Kimes Paradise

Heavenly Kimes’s oldest son is named Damon Kimes Jr. “If my son does what he needs to do, he can take over and go into a multi-million dollar business,” she said. “So I’m really proud of him, and that will be his legacy, our legacy for him.”

Damon Kimes Jr. was born in 1997. He turns 25 in December 2022.

Damon Jr., the eldest son of Dr. Heavenly and Damon, is following in his parents’ footsteps by aiming for a career in medicine. In an effort to pursue his dream of becoming an anesthesiologist, Damon Jr. transferred to Howard University and enrolled in the pre-med program. According to Doctor Heavenly, Damon Jr. would eventually take over his father’s surgical center.

In May 2016, Damon added: “I am such a proud mother!! Today my oldest son Damon Christian Kimes Jr @SheLovesDamon graduated high school! He was accepted into dozens of universities! He will be attending Georgia State University!.”

According to his LinkedIn, Damon graduated from Georgia State University.

  • Is Damon Kimes Jr on Instagram?

Yes, Damon Kimes Jr is on Instagram (@SheLovesDamon).

Meet Zachary Kimes, Middle Child of Heavenly Kimes

Heavenly Kimes’ middle child is named Zachary Kimes. On Zachary’s 17th birthday, she wished her son: “Happy birthday Zachary! My love! I love you!”

In 2023, Zachary Kimes is 22 years old. He was born in 2001.

Zachary Kimes graduated high school in May 2019. Heavenly posted an update, “Words cannot express how proud I am this morning.! My son ZACHARY Christopher Kimes. As a high school graduate! Head to college as a MED Foundation Major! He is in the process of getting his Real Estate License! Come on Zachy! #Doctor2Be.”

Zachary quickly began the process of renovating the $435,000 investment property. “Zachary is renovating the house so we can rent it out as an Airbnb,” Heavenly said on the May 30, 2021 episode of Married to Medicine. Heavenly couldn’t help but notice some very familiar décor when Zachary showed her some of the improvements he’d already done to the house (scroll down to see before-and-after photos of the living room).

“You took something from my house and hung it up!” she exclaimed, later adding in an interview, “The only skill set Zachary doesn’t have yet is decorating skills.”

In a July 2020 Instagram post, Heavenly opened up about buying an investment property with Zachary.

“If I had known everything I knew now when I was 19! I will be light years ahead!” she writes. “Teaching my son how to flip assets early.”

“My son Zachary is a go-getter kid. Now he is in college. He is a pre-med student and is very smart and speaks very well. Zachary got interested in real estate at a young age because he saw me doing it, and he got his real estate license at age 19, just this year,” she said. “I’m very proud of him.”

Zachary appears to be working in Georgia, Metro Homes and Gardens Real Estate Brokerage.

  • Is Zachary Kimes on Instagram?

Yes, Zachary Kimes is on Instagram (@zacharykimes) and Facebook (@zach.kimes).

Related FAQs

  • Where do the Sons of Paradise Kimes reside?

In 2023, Heavenly Kimes’ sons are residing in Atlanta, Georgia.

  • Does Thien Kim’s son have a younger sister?

In addition to her two sons, Thien Kimes also has a daughter named Alaura Kimes.

  • Does Thien Kim’s son appear when he marries medicine?

Heavenly previously shared why her son Zachary did not participate in Married To Medicine.

“Zachary didn’t want to be on this show,” Heavenly explained in an interview with Daily dish earlier this season. “He doesn’t like it. He doesn’t want to do that. He’s my shy boy… Maybe he’ll be a neurosurgeon or something. He is a smart baby. He is beautiful. He has a great spirit, but he’s not here in front of the camera. I had trouble even taking pictures with him.”

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