Michael And Diane Day Huntley

As we write this, Huntley has just emerged as one of five finalists vying for the win Voice Season 24.

Huntley, who received a four-chair turn in the blind auditions and the hottest possible start to the season, has described himself as a devoted father who has recently found his spot stands in his music with regional touring gigs throughout his home state of Virginia. At the same time, one of the judges said he was worried that Huntley might actually win the show. The other judges compared him to Radiohead and Chris Stapleton.

In the rest of the article, we will discuss all there is to know about Huntley’s parents.

who is who Voice Huntley’s parents?

Both Voice Huntley’s parents are extremely proud of their son and Huntley is also very proud of them. We will tell you more about each of them. So keep reading!

Meet Michael C Huntley Sr, The Voice Huntley Father

Michael Charles Huntley, AKA Michael C Huntley Sr, was born in September 1959. This makes him 64 years old in 2023.

Often, Michael can be seen appreciating and praising him on Facebook. Just in October 2023, he exclaimed “My son got a 4 chair spin, congratulations Michael Huntley can’t wait to see more.” Another time, he wrote: “My son is doing what he loves. Well done Michael.”

Meet Diane Daye Huntley, Voice Mother Huntley

Diane Daye Huntley, AKA Diane Lynn Huntley, was born in November 1961. So, she turns 62 in 2023. (Ambien) At this time, Diane does not use Instagram but operates two Facebook accounts.

“Just wanted to say thank you to my beautiful mother Diane Daye Huntley for everything you do for our family. Happy Mother’s Day love you mom❤️” – this is what Huntley wrote to his mother on Mother’s Day. Once again, he exclaimed that he was “so lucky” to have a “strong and resilient” mother.

Additionally, according to Huntley, Diane is someone who is willing to take her shirt off her back to help those in need, even when she is not qualified to do so. Huntley likes to tell people that his mother is very genuine.

Huntley also said that he is grateful that his mother gave him a sister who is essentially his second mother, always there for him and the voice of reason in most situations.

Related FAQs

  • Are The Voice’s Huntley’s parents still married?

Voice It appears that Huntley’s parents are no longer married. As of December 2023, Huntley’s mother on her Facebook highlighted her relationship status as ‘single’.

Additionally, until July 25, 2005, the matriarch was married to Sergeant Michael Wayne Schafer Fredericksburg of Virginia/Spring Hill, Florida. Her husband, Michael, died that day while fighting in Afghanistan. In his obituary, it was said that Michael’s survivors included his wife, Danielle, and son, Devin Daye Schafer of Fredericksburg, Virginia, along with other family members.

  • How many children did Huntley’s parents have?

VoiceHuntley’s has three siblings.

Huntley’s father’s children Huntley, a brother and a sister live in the upper peninsula of Michigan.

Huntley’s sister, Danielle Schafer, on her Facebook page, describes herself as “Flygirl mom, yogi, school librarian, foodie, adventurer, and travel addict. She turned 43 in January 2023. She had resided in Chesterfield, Virginia around that time.

Speaking of Huntley himself, he has been singing since he was a child, impersonating Elvis Presley for family and friends. However, it wasn’t until he was much older that he decided to pursue music seriously. At one point, he moved to Nashville to try to make it big. Also, before entering Voicehe tried his luck in many singing competitions, including American Idol, in which they gave him a golden ticket. In between, Huntley is also a member of a band called “Lucys Letdown”. However, he has been busy with his solo music career for a while. He released his debut single “Holdin’ On” in April 2022.

Huntley, full name/real name is Michael Huntley. ‘Huntley’ is actually his stage name.

The American singer and songwriter describes himself as a “country singer-songwriter, definitely Southern rock ‘n’ roll blues. ”He said these are all his favorite genres of music. His musical style is what he calls “a little bit of Joe Cocker, a little bit of John Mayer, a little bit of Bob Marley.”

Huntley has also made a name for himself by performing full-time throughout Virginia.

  • Where do The Voice Huntley’s parents reside?

Huntley’s mother was originally from her hometown of Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina. However, as of 2023, she resided in Brick Township, New Jersey.

As for Huntley’s father, it appears he lives in Flint, the largest city and capital of Genesee County, Michigan.

Speaking of Huntley, he was born and raised in Fredericksburg, Virginia.

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