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Robert Mugabe Ngwenya is a famous South African businessman, novelist, philanthropist and politician.

Famous as the ANC’s Ward 5 delegate and leader of the Madibeng Sub-Region in the North West, Robert Ngwenya was appointed Chairman of the Small Dorpies Villages, Towns and Chambers of Commerce of the North West Province in 2016, a position he held currently holding.

South African politician

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Wiki Info & About Data
First and last name: Robert Mugabe Ngwenya
Stage name: Robert Ngwenya
Born: ??? (age?? years)
Place of birth: North West Province, South Africa
Nationality: South Africa
Education: do not apply
Height: 1.61 m
Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Ngwenya
Siblings: do not apply
Couple: Zinhl Mabena (m. 2016-2019)
Girlfriend • Partner: do not apply
Children: 5
Job: Politician • Businessman
Net value: 300,000-500,000 USD (USD)

Early Life & Education

Robert Ngwenya was born in North West Province, South Africa and is a father of five children. He demonstrated resilience and a strong work ethic despite facing many challenges, including street life.

He started his entrepreneurial journey by selling toothbrushes and toothpaste at traffic lights. Determined to provide for his family, he managed to raise two children from a previous marriage and three more.

Although Robert Ngwenya faced obstacles that led to him having to discontinue his formal education, he did not allow this setback to hinder his progress. With unwavering determination, he diligently saved and started a small business selling goods at the local market. His business flourished, allowing him to diversify into other areas and achieve significant success.


Robert Ngwenya is a prominent ANC representative in South Africa’s North West Province. He held leadership positions in the ANC, notably as leader of Ward 5 in the Madibeng Sub-Region. Recognizing his remarkable skills and achievements, he was elected Chairman of the Northwest Provincial Chamber of Commerce in 2016. In addition, he also assumed the role of Provincial Chairman of the Villages, Towns and the Little Dorpies Chamber of Commerce, a position he held. is set to hold until 2022.

Ngwenya’s career trajectory emphasizes his ability to excel and significantly impact his community. His leadership roles in the ANC and the Chamber of Commerce reflected his commitment to improving the economic and social conditions of the people he served.

What is important is that Robert Ngwenya’s success is not only due to his formal education but is also the result of his relentless hard work and determination. His diverse expertise extends to owning 20 Elevations Construction & Landscaping, showcasing his skills as a landscape designer. With extensive experience in various fields such as transportation, construction, entertainment, engineering, communications and multimedia, Ngwenya showcases diverse talents that contribute to his success.

Social Media

  • Instagram handle: Dr. Mugabe Ngwenya (@mugabengwenya)
  • Twitter handle: Robert Ngwenya (@rmongwenya)
  • Facebook: Robert Ngwenya

Personal life

In just six months of courtship, Robert Ngwenya and Zinhl Mabena tied the knot in a low-key ceremony in 2017. They share two children and the philanthropist is also the father of three more children from a previous marriage. Unfortunately, the relationship became rocky after five years of marriage, leading to a breakup. In 2021, Zinhl Mabena faced charges of intentionally harming her husband.

Zinhl Mabena’s estranged spouse has received an arrest warrant for allegedly violating a protection order secured by Isibaya singer. Despite being together for five years, the couple is officially divorced and there is little prospect of reconciliation. Following the tragic death of the businessman’s bodyguard in January 2021, he charged Zinhl Mabena with attempted murder, prompting her to counter with a restraining order. In addition, financial challenges also emerged for the once prosperous man, evident in the gradual confiscation of his assets.

The union of Robert Ngwenya and Zinhl Mabena in 2016 resulted in the birth of a daughter. At the time of the marriage, Robert brought with him three children from a previous relationship. In 2019, Drum Magazine reported on an attempt on Robert’s life in Atteridgeville. In 2018, attackers targeted the ANC representative, shooting at his car. He suggested that the attack could be retribution for his charitable activities in the UK.

According to Robert Ngwenya, another life-threatening incident occurred in 2021. On February 16, Zinhl Mabena was arrested for allegedly trying to harm her husband after a shooting on January 28 that claimed the baby the life of Robert’s bodyguard. However, Zinhl Mabena insisted that the entire episode was a plot to intimidate and tarnish her reputation.

Net value

Robert Ngwenya’s net worth is estimated to be around $300,000 to $500,000; however, his actual Net Worth may be greater or less. He is also interested in charitable activities, especially education and health care. Despite his success, Robert remains humble and grounded, and his down-to-earth nature is frequently praised.

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