Royalty dispute: Young Duu calls out Carter Efe over ‘Onyimo’ profits

Emerging singer Oluwabamishe Lukman Abioro, popularly known as Young Duu, has taken to social media to express his grievances regarding the royalties he received for collaborating with Carter Efe on the song hit “Onyimo”.

In a recent post, Young Duu criticized his colleague Carter Efe, alleging that he only received a portion of the profits the song generated. Even though they agreed to receive 30% of the money earned, Young Duu still expressed shock and disappointment when he only received N500,000.

Adding fuel to the fire, Young Duu accused Carter Efe of creating a Twitter account in his name and using it to engage in online disputes, including an altercation with Afrobeats star Davido during a clash degree with Buju fka BNXN.

In another incident, Young Duu shared a screenshot of an insulting text message allegedly sent to him by Carter Efe’s partner, Ella, criticizing him for his alleged lack of direction in life.

Young Duu’s outcry sparked reactions from fans and industry insiders alike. Many people sympathized with his situation, condemning what they saw as exploitation and unfair treatment. Some people also expressed concern for Young Duu’s health and urged him to find a way to resolve the dispute.

While the controversy surrounding “lunisolar” continues, Young Duu’s public outcry sheds light on the challenges emerging artists face in navigating the complexities of the music industry.

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