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Rumy Alqahtani (born July 29, 1996), also known as Rumy Al-Qahtani, is a famous runway model from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. She made history as the first Miss Universe from this kingdom.

With awards, including Miss Saudi Arabia, Miss Middle East, Miss Arab World Peace and Miss Women (Saudi Arabia), as reported by Emirates Woman, she has inspired the Young Saudi Arabian girl. Rumy Alqahtani’s achievements challenge social norms, proving to ambitious individuals that dreams are within reach.

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Wiki Info & About Data
First and last name: Rumy Al-Qahtani
Stage name: Rumy Alqahtani
Born: July 29, 1996 (27 years old)
Place of birth: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Nationality: Saudi Arabia
Education: Bachelor, Dentistry
Height: 1.65 m
Parents: Fawziah Ayed, Al-Qahtani
Siblings: Gedai Alqahtani, Razanq Alqahtani
Couple: Not married
Boyfriend • Partner: Nit revealed
Children: do not apply
Job: Model • Television personality
Net value: 1 USD 500,000- 1 million USD (USD)

Early Life & Education

Rumy Alqahtani, a talented Saudi Arabian model, was born into a loving family on July 29, 1996. Her mother, Fawziah Ayed, was her nurturing caregiver, while her father, Al- Qahtani, is a bright businessman.

Raised in the Muslim faith, Rumy has two older sisters, Gedai Alqahtani and Razanq Alqahtani, the latter of whom is a blogger.

Despite her modeling career, Rumy Alqahtani still prioritized her studies, earning a Bachelor of Dentistry degree. What’s impressive is that she speaks fluent Arabic, French and English.


Rumy Alqahtani’s important news about participating in the Miss Universe contest shared via Instagram has caused a stir. While some saw this as a positive step forward for Saudi Arabia, others were less enthusiastic and criticized the contest for its portrayal of women and the unrealistic standards it set. . Despite the mixed reactions, Alqahtani is truly grateful and excited to have the opportunity to represent his country on a global platform.

In addition to her success in modeling, this Riyadh-born beauty is not just about her looks. She is using her voice to shed light on important social issues. Whether promoting body positivity or empowering women, Rumy Alqahtani breaks down barriers and encourages others to embrace their true selves. And it’s not just talk—she’s actively working to make positive changes in her community and beyond.

Along with the title of Miss Saudi Arabia, Rumy Alqahtani has won many other crowns such as Miss Middle East (Saudi Arabia), Miss Arab World Peace 2021 and Miss Women (Saudi Arabia) . The Miss Universe 2024 pageant is expected to be a grand pageant, taking place in Mexico on September 18, 2024. The reigning Miss Universe, Sheynnis Palacios from Nicaragua, will hand over her crown to Next lucky winner.

Awards & Nominations

  • Miss Middle East (Saudi Arabia)
  • 2021: Miss Arab World Peace (Saudi Arabia)
  • 2021: Miss Women (Saudi Arabia)

Social Media

  • Instagram username:@rumy_alqahtani

Personal life

Rumy Alqahtani, 27 years old, Saudi Arabian model, always keeps her personal life private. Although there have been whispers about the possibility of having a boyfriend, she has never revealed anything or been publicly spotted with her partner.

It makes sense that she’s flying solo, but she hasn’t revealed any details about her relationship status to the media. There is currently no information on whether she is a mother or not.

Net value

Rumy Alqahtani, a model from Saudi Arabia, is estimated to have a net worth between $1,500,000 and $1 million. Forbes still needs to verify this. However, Forbes has verified her. Even so, her successful professional career will likely generate even more wealth.

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