Sebastian Cantu And Matias Cantu

Nicolas Cantu, who has built a career in showbiz, also has two brothers named Sebastian and Matias Cantu. He is the middle child born to his parents.

In 2023, Nicolas began a feud with YouTuber Dream. Nicolas became embroiled in controversy in October 2023 when he attacked a Dream parody account on Twitter. Dream then comments that Nicolas doesn’t really answer him. Dream made several allegations related to a gathering they attended together and their subsequent Uber ride home. Dream later shared a video of Nicolas fighting with an Uber driver, which is clearly depicted in the video.

Dream alleged in the caption that Nicolas was acting egotistical, authoritarian, antisemitic, homophobic and threatening. It’s hard to dispute any assertion about the film’s content. Nicolas used ableist and homophobic slurs, although it was not always clear what was being referred to and the recording was turned down.

Additionally, Nicolas declared his intention to fight Dream and kill or cripple him. After an argument between the two at a party, Nicolas asked to be videotaped. In subsequent tweets, Dream repeated his accusations, claiming that Nicolas had behaved badly and later texted Dream to apologize.

Do they work in showbiz like Nicolas? How old are they?

Who are Nicolas Cantu’s siblings?

Nicolas Cantu’s parents are Diego Cantu and Laura Cantu, who are also the parents of the other two children, Sebastian Cantu and Matias Cantu.

Laura, born in 1969, and Diego, born in 1973, gave birth to Nicolas on September 8, 2003. Laura works in Nutrition R&D at Unilever de México. Diego is the founder. Creative Director at Mighty Industries.

Nicolas participates in school productions; Bear Crossing the Mountain is his first play. He starred in an industrial film produced for San Antonio. He has participated in national commercials for several companies, including Old Navy, Toyota, AT&T and Eggo.

“Minecraft Revival in 2019”, “VIDCON 2018 Vlogs Are Really Fun”, “Top 10 Monkey Moments”, “Fix My Terrible Christmas” and “Create Videos in 24 Hours” are some Popular videos on his YouTube channel. Thaddeus “Curly” Gammelthorpe’s voice in the 2017 animated television series Hey Arnold!:

Jungle movie provided by Nicolas. From 2017 to 2019, he voiced 12-year-old cat Gumball Watterson in the bizarre animated comedy series The Amazing World of Gumball. For his work, he received an Annie Award nomination in the category “Outstanding Achievement in Voiceover in Television/Animated Film Production.”

Going back to sibling details, Nicolas’ siblings are Sebastian and Matias.

Meet Sebastian Cantu, Nicolas Cantu’s Brother

Nicolas Cantu is the older brother of Sebastian Cantu. On November 24, 2022, Sebastian turns 21 years old. Diego wished his eldest son in 2022: “You are the best script I have ever written. Congratulations on the 21st KING!!!”

Sebastian is currently studying at SFSU. You can find him on Instagram (@sebastiancantuuu).

Meet Matias Cantu, Nicolas Cantu’s younger brother

Nicolas Cantu’s younger brother’s name is Matias Cantu. Matias celebrates his birthday on July 10 and turns 18 in July 2023.

On Matias’s 18th birthday, Diego wished his son: “Three times. Three times I’ve made it through the minefield of sleepless nights, teenage tantrums and ‘Dad, you’re so embarrassing’ looks. And now, with your 18th birthday, Matt, I have officially raised three (hopefully) functioning adults.”

He added: “The youngest, bravest and by far, the biggest mistake of the three we were about to make. You make us laugh, cry, and question our sanity. May your adulthood be filled with fewer public embarrassments than your father.”

In conclusion, Diego wrote: “Happy birthday, you are strange, wonderful and sometimes infuriating. Now go out there and stir up the vote or something.”

Matias appears on Instagram (@spookum_mcgookums).

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  • Where do Nicolas Cantu’s siblings reside?

Nicolas Cantu’s siblings are residing in California.

  • Is Nicolas Cantu a sibling in Showbiz?

No, Nicolas Cantu’s siblings are not in showbiz.

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