Sheila Courage, Ex-Wife of Israel DMW, Finds Love Again After Divorce

Sheila Courage, the ex-wife of Israel Afeare, widely known as Israel DMW, seems to be moving on romantically, hinting at newfound love after the divorce.

In a recent update shared via her Instagram story, she tantalizingly wrote: “I said yes! Again,” suggests a positive affirmation toward a new relationship journey. Additionally, she reposted a congratulatory message directed at her with the caption: “Congratulations @SheilaCourage,” further fueling speculation about her romantic endeavors.

Accompanying the repost, Sheila included the caption, “God is not human,” perhaps indicating her reliance on divine guidance throughout her journey.

This revelation comes just four months after her marriage to Israel DMW fell apart. The couple split after just eight months of marriage, culminating in a separation after a lavish wedding ceremony in Benin on October 20, 2022.

Memoirs from TheCityCeleb highlight the rapid collapse of the marriage between Sheila and Israel DMW. Amid discussions about the separation, Israel DMW, in a recent interview with Daddy Freeze, expressed dissatisfaction with the way the bride price refund was handled.

Despite reportedly investing over N2 million in their wedding, he claimed to only get back a paltry amount of N1,000. He emphasized the need for a proper and formal restitution process, pointing out that only the Federal Supreme Court could officially dissolve their marriage.

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