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Steven Victor Tallarico, also known as Steven Tyler, is a famous American singer and the lead singer of the Boston-based rock band Aerosmith.

He also plays keyboards, harmonica and percussion.

Taylor is known for his exceptional vocal range, which earned him the nickname “Screaming demon.” He was also known for his energetic stage performances and acrobatics.

Taylor’s flamboyant style includes wearing colorful, occasionally ambiguous outfits, ambiguous makeup, and often draping his signature scarf on his microphone stand.


  • Full name: Steven Victor Tallarico
  • Stage name: Steven Tyler
  • Date of birth: March 26, 1948
  • Age: 75
  • Birthplace: New York, USA
  • Country: United States
  • Occupation: Singer
  • Height: 1.77 m
  • Parents: Susan (née Blancha) and Victor A. Tallarico
  • Siblings: Luanda Talarico
  • Spouse: Theresa Barrick (married 1988-2006), Celinda Fox (married 1978-1987)
  • Children: Liv Tyler, Mia Taylor, Taj Monroe Tallarico, Chelsea Taylor
  • Relationship: Dating
  • Net worth: $150 million

early life

Steven Tyler, born Steven Victor Talarico, was born on March 26, 1948 in Yonkers, New York.

His early life was deeply influenced by music and struggle. His father, Victor A. Talarico, was a skilled musician and music teacher who exposed him to music at an early age.

Although he started out playing drums, his singing abilities eventually became his focus.Steven Tyler founded the band Chain Reaction (originally named The Strangeurs) while attending Roosevelt High School in Yonkers.

They had the opportunity to open for famous bands such as The Byrds and The Beach Boys.

However, in 1967, he was expelled from high school for drug use.

Taylor’s musical career took a major turn when he moved to Boston in the late 1960s, connecting with Joe Perry and Tom Hamilton, who would go on to form Aerosmith, the iconic rock band in 1970.


Steven Tyler’s formal education was interrupted when he was expelled from Roosevelt High School in Yonkers, New York, for smoking marijuana.

He later graduated from Quintano’s Young Professionals School. Despite not completing a traditional education, Steven Tyler went on to great success as the legendary lead singer of the band Aerosmith.

He has received honorary degrees from Berklee College of Music and the University of Massachusetts Boston.


Taylor was born in Yonkers, New York in 1948. His father was a music teacher, and Taylor began playing drums at a young age.

Later, he fell in love with rock music and began to sing. In 1964, Taylor, who was still in high school, formed his first band, Chain Reaction, and then dropped out of school to concentrate on music.

In 1970, Taylor formed the band Aerosmith with guitarist Joe Perry and bassist Tom Hamilton. The band became widely recognized for its hard-hitting rock music and Taylor’s captivating stage presence.

Aerosmith’s debut album was released in 1973 and included “Keep dreaming” and”Mother Kim“Throughout the 1970s, the band continued to release successful albums but also faced struggles with drug and alcohol addiction.

In 1979, Perry left the band to pursue a solo career. Taylor and Perry reconciled in 1984, and Taylor completed drug rehabilitation in 1986 and released “The mirror is used up.” This allowed Aerosmith to regain its status as a mainstream rock band.

Aerosmith’s albumPermanent vacation” was released in 1987 and included “A man like a lady” and the remake “Go this wayThe album was a huge success and helped the band gain widespread fame.

They continued to release successful albums in the 1990s, such as “control” and”Nine lives,” These include “cry‘” and”I don’t want to miss anything.“The band continued to tour and release music in the 2000s and 2010s.

Steven Tyler also served asAmerican idol” After two seasons, he returned to focus on his music career.

In 2011, Taylor released her first solo album,Widescreen Dreams》topped the Billboard 200 chart and achieved commercial success.

Tyler has worked with artists such as Carrie Underwood, P!nk and Justin Bieber to write and produce hit songs.hand》 The song topped the Billboard Hot 100 chart in 2016.

Steven Tyler is widely regarded as a rock icon. His singing career spans more than fifty years and has been fruitful and influential.

Awards and nominations

Grammy Awards:

American Music Awards:

MTV Video Music Awards:

  • Awards: 10 (including 4 Best Rock Video Awards and 3 Audience Choice Awards)
  • Nominations: 36

Other awards:

  • Daytime Emmy Award (Nominated)
  • Teen Choice Awards (2 nominations)
  • Inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame (along with Joe Perry)
  • ASCAP Founders Award (shared with Joe Perry)

social media

  • Instagram account: @iamstevent
  • Facebook account: Steven Tyler
  • Twitter: @iamstevenT

personal life

Steven Tyler’s personal life has been widely reported, including his various marriages and relationships and his struggles with substance abuse.

He has four children: Liv Tyler with Bebe Buell, Mia Tyler with Cyrinda Foxe, and Chelsea and Taj Monroe with Teresa Barrick.

Taylor has been open about his struggles with addiction, which have impacted his personal and professional life.

After his divorce from Barrick, he was briefly engaged to Erin Brady in 2011, but they split in 2013.


As a solo artist:

  • We All Come From Somewhere (2011)
  • Jaded (with Carrie Underwood) (2016)
  • Red Wing(2019)
  • Using Aerosmith:

Studio albums:

  • Aerosmith (1973)
  • Get Your Wings (1974)
  • Toys in the Attic (1975)
  • The Rock (1976)
  • Drawing the Line (1977)
  • Night of the Ruts (1979)
  • Rock and Roll Dilemma (1982)
  • Mirror Finish (1985)
  • Permanent Vacation (1987)
  • Pump (1989)
  • Get Your Ass Off the Ground (1993)
  • Nine Lives (1997)
  • Just Press Play (2000)
  • Hong Jin on Popo River (2004)
  • Music of the Big Shots (2001)
  • Tough Love: Aerosmith’s Cocked & Loaded (2001)
  • Oh Yeah! The Ultimate Aerosmith Hit (2004)
  • Rock on (2005)

Live album:

  • Live! Bootleg (1978)
  • Classic Live! (1986)
  • South of Sanity (1994)
  • Ten Years of Decadence (1998)
  • Rock Rumble (2004)


  • Greatest Hits (1980)
  • The Gem (1988)
  • 1970-2005 Most Popular Songs (2005)
  • The Devil Controls Me (2006)
  • Gold Award (2009)


Steven Tyler has appeared in many films and television shows, including:

  • The Decline of Western Civilization, Part II: The Metal Age (1988) – Himself
  • Wayne’s World 2 (1993) – Himself
  • Be Cool (2005) – Tommy Athens
  • The Polar Express (2004) – Elf Lieutenant/ Elf Singer (voice)
  • American Idol (2011) – Himself (judge)
  • Steven Tyler: Adventure (2011) – Himself

net worth

Steven Tyler is an American rock musician who is worth $150 million.

He is best known as the lead singer and founding member of the extremely successful band Aerosmith.

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