Who are Jermall Charlo Parents? Meet Kevin Charlo and Terrie Charlo

So who are Jermaine Charlo’s parents? According to our research, Jermall Charlo’s parents are Kevin Charlo and Terry Charlo. Jermall Charlo is an American boxer born on May 19, 1990.

real name Jamel DeAvante Charlo
Nick name Jermall Charlo
date of birth May 19, 1990
age 33 years old
high 183 cm, 6 ft 0 in
weight 70 kg (154 lbs)
place of birth Lafayette, Louisiana, USA
gender male
Profession american boxer
Country of Citizenship American
eye color Black
hair color Black
zodiac signs Taurus
sexual orientation straight

Kevin Charlo

Terry Charlo

Who is Jermall Charlo?

Jermall Charlo, born on May 19, 1990, is a famous professional boxer who has left an indelible mark on the sport. Originally from Houston, Texas, his journey from an aspiring young athlete to a world-class boxer has been inspiring. Charlo’s boxing prowess and relentless determination make him a force to be reckoned with in the middleweight division.

Early in his career, Jermall showed exceptional potential as he honed his skills and discipline under the tutelage of experienced trainers. He turned pro in 2008 and quickly rose through the ranks with an impressive win record, demonstrating his abilities as a powerful boxer and strategic tactician inside the ring.

By 2023, Jermall Charlo had solidified himself as one of the top middleweight boxers in the world with multiple titles under his belt. His ability to adapt to a variety of fighting styles, coupled with his excellent footwork and defensive skills, has earned him the respect and admiration of fans and other athletes.



Jermall Charlo Biography

Jermall Charlo, born on May 19, 1990, in Houston, Texas, is a famous professional boxer who has left an indelible mark on the sport. He and his twin brother Jermell Charlo began their journey into the world of boxing at an early age, driven by a shared passion for the sport. Growing up in a poor neighborhood, the Charlo brothers found solace and purpose in boxing, channeling their energy into honing their skills.

Jermall’s amateur career showcased his exceptional talent and he turned pro in 2008, convinced he could achieve great things in the ring. Under the tutelage of Ronnie Shields, Charlo developed a powerful fighting style that combined technical prowess with explosive power. He quickly rose through the ranks, defeated formidable opponents, and was recognized for his tenacity.

In 2015, Jermall won the IBF junior middleweight championship, which is a testament to his hard work and dedication. His dominance continued when he transitioned to middleweight, earning him multiple titles and honors. Charlo’s notable wins include victories over skilled opponents such as Cornelius Bondlage, Austin Trout and Julian Williams. In addition to his achievements in the ring, Jermall Charlo is admired for his humility and commitment to giving back to his community. He is actively involved in philanthropic activities and supports causes that resonate with his personal experiences.


Jamal Charlo age

In 2023, the famous boxer Jermall Charlo, born on May 19, 1990, continues to shine in the boxing world. Charlo, 33, is in the prime of his career and has displayed an unwavering dedication and passion for the sport that has brought him global recognition. His journey from his birthplace in Houston, Texas has been filled with resilience and perseverance, embodying the essence of a true champion.

Over time, Charlo’s experience and wisdom in the ring grew, allowing him to overcome challenges with grace and perseverance. Fans around the world eagerly await each of his matches as he consistently delivers stunning performances.


Jermall Charlo height and weight

Jermall Charlo is a respected middleweight boxer with an impressive height of 183 cm (6 ft). This size gives him a significant advantage over many opponents, allowing him to maintain control of the ring and dictate the tempo of the fight.

In addition to his towering height, Charlo also maintains a balanced middleweight weight. Weighing 70 kilograms (154 pounds), he has perfected the art of losing weight while retaining strength and power, ensuring he remains agile and agile during competition.

Jermall Charlo nationality

Jermall Charlo’s nationality is American and he proudly represents the United States in the sport of professional boxing. Charlo was born in Houston, Texas on May 19, 1990. His American identity is closely linked to his journey to success. He grew up in a challenging community and boxing offered him the opportunity to rise above his circumstances and pursue a career that would make his country proud.

Throughout his illustrious career, Jermall wore the Stars and Stripes and brought the spirit of his country to every battle. His achievements in the ring are a testament to the values ​​of hard work, determination and excellence that are synonymous with the American Dream.

Jermall Charlo acting career

Jermall Charlo’s professional boxing career has been nothing short of remarkable. From his early days as an amateur boxer to becoming a world-class middleweight champion, Charlo’s journey to greatness is a testament to his unwavering determination and superior skills.

After turning pro in 2008, Charlo immediately made a name for himself in the boxing world. Under the tutelage of renowned coach Ronnie Shields, he honed his skills, displaying a combination of technical brilliance, explosiveness and an indomitable will to win. His early victories over formidable opponents solidified his status as a rising star in the sport.

In 2015, Jermall Charlo won the IBF junior middleweight title, a milestone that propelled him into the upper echelons of the boxing world. However, he was not satisfied with just one honor and decided to move up to middleweight to seek new challenges and opportunities.

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