Who are Justin Stamper’s parents: Johnny and Leeanne Stamper?

Get to know Justin Stamper’s parents who we know as Johnny and Leeanne Stamper. Justin has shared on his bio and interviews that his career began by selling his family’s foreclosed home. What’s the story behind that? Along with that, read about their age, job, current marital status, etc

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Who are Justin Stamper’s parents?

Johnny Stamper and Leanne Stamper, parents of Justin Stamper from Zombie House Flipping gave birth to him in Florida. His real estate career began, as he likes to say, “by just being thrown into the lion’s den.” He had just graduated from high school and wanted to work in the music industry so he moved to London.

Justin’s parents called him and said, “Hey, it’s the recession…” — like in 2008 when this was happening… “You know, if you could move and help us out… We just went through some really difficult things.” time.” They lost everything in this recession, including his childhood home.

One day, some people knocked on his door and told him that they had bought his house at a mortgage auction. However, they gave him and his father the opportunity to get their house back at a higher price.

“We raised private capital through friends, bought our house from them, renovated it ourselves and sold it. We made the first money we made in real estate, and at that point it was the most money we had made in a few years, and I actually started buying houses at the same auction at court a month later, and pretty much never looked back. Pretty crazy stuff.” Justin shared in an interview for a podcast. (evercoach.com)

In January 2008, he began working as an investor at JGS Capital LLC. He then started working for Invest Home Direct in June 2012. Additionally, he founded Brown Dog Home Buyers, LLC in the same year. He and Ashlee Casserly later partnered to found Blueprint Real Estate Group, a boutique business in Orlando’s Antiques District. The organization asserts that its foundation is built on astute marketing ideas, skilled presentation and personalized service.

Outside of business, Justin also works with a group called Best Buddies – developmental disabilities; children with autism, Asperger’s and Down Syndrome.

As of November 2023, Justin is 34 years old.

Meet Johnny Stamper, Father Justin Stamper

Justin Stamper’s father’s name is Johnny Stamper. On Johnny’s birthday in February 2017, Justin posted on his IG and wrote: “Hi dad, happy birthday. Wear your face.

Public records show Johnny is now 64 years old. So he was born in 1959.

Johnny is the owner of Johnny’s Taphouse & Grill. According to his website, he started home brewing in the 80s and opened his first craft beer bar in 1994 with nine taps. He never looked back and loved every sip along the way.

Johnny headlined an October 2017 event that took place at the Route 91 Harvest festival in Las Vegas. A young woman behind them was shot in the chest while he and his girlfriend rushed to the ground. They witnessed 64-year-old Stephen Paddock open fire on festival-goers from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, starting a massacre that left at least 59 dead and hundreds more injured. injured.

At the time he was residing in Tarpoon Springs with his girlfriend Denise Decker. To celebrate Decker’s 51st birthday, the couple — who both love concerts — went to the festival.

Justin’s phone lit up in Orlando around 1:30 a.m. local time, showing him a voicemail from his father. He thought his dad was calling to brag about the concert, but the voicemail had a much more somber message: “There was an attack, thousands of shots, bullets flying all around us.”

Justin added that after calling his dad back immediately, he quickly took to Twitter to learn more. He listened as the story swirled and discovered a live video feed of a man monitoring a Las Vegas police scanner. There were more gunmen, a bomb threat at another hotel and a bomb in the crowd. It reminded him too much of a year ago when his city was devastated by the Pulse nightclub shooting.

You can find Johnny on Instagram here.

Meet Leeanne Stamper, Justin Stamper’s mother

Justin Stamper’s mother is Leeanne Stamper. Born in February 1959, Leeanne is 64 years old this year. According to her Facebook, she is working at Total Living Concepts Interior Design. She attended Central Florida College of Science and currently resides in Denver, Colorado.


In 2017, Justin mentioned his mother in one of his tweets, where he wrote: “I think my mom almost cried when I told her the zombie house flipping was canceled ”.

Related FAQs

  • Are Justin Stamper’s parents still together?

No, Justin Stamper’s parents are no longer together. They may have separated before 2018.

  • How many children do Justin Stamper’s parents have?

Leeanne and Johnny Stamper also have a daughter.

  • Where do Justin Stamper’s parents reside?

Justin Stamper’s father lives in Tarpon Springs, Florida. Meanwhile, his mother lives in Denver, Colorado.

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