Who are Zara Zoffany’s parents: Farah and Peter Sassoon-Munns?

Meet Farah and Peter Sasson-Munns, parents of Challenges contestant Zara Zoffany. Find out about their age, job and current residence in the article below.

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Challenge: Who are Zara Zoffany’s parents?

Zara Zoffany (full name Zara Zoffany Farida Sassoon-Munns) from The Challenge comes from a very influential family as her parents are Farah Sassoon-Munns and Peters Sassoon-Munns. She grew up in Monaco and has also spent time living in Scarborough, Windsor and Brighton.

Zara will turn 29 years old in March 2023. Her birthday is on 2 March.

Zara first attracted attention when she was known as AJ Pritchard’s girlfriend. Based in the British capital, the private jet travel enthusiast has visited Monaco, Ibiza, Capri, Nice, Sorrento, Formentera, Saudi Arabia, Istanbul and Milan in the past year alone, if posts reveal Her Instagram belly is anything to go by.

Zara is friends with Topshop heiress Chloe Green and starred in the MTV reality show The Royal World in 2018.

Zara was reportedly dating AJ Pritchard in May 2023. The couple was spotted on a romantic getaway with her in the paradise island of Bali. On the Indonesian island, the 28-year-old was seen feeding elephants and monkeys as well as playing in a rushing waterfall with his model boyfriend.

Zara’s new romance comes after his divorce from ex-girlfriend Abbie Quinnen, who he has been dating since they met on the Get On the Floor tour. He also stood by her side when a tragic accident in 2021 consumed her, leaving her with horrific third-degree burns. The two tried to recreate the viral Tiktok trend of turning wine bottles into flower vases, but the experiment went disastrously wrong, when the glass blew into a heartbroken Abbie’s face. He stood by her side as she recovered from weeks of hospital treatment, and it seemed like the two were meant to be together, but they broke up last fall.

In 2023, Zara is a contestant on The Challenge. On the MTV show, she talked about her process of studying fashion design at Instituto Marangoni and confided: “I don’t like to spend money, I like to make it rain. There are many titled people in my family including barons and lords.”

Meet Farah Sassoon-Munns, Zara Zoffany’s Mother

Zara Zoffany’s mother’s name is Farah Sassoon Munns.

Farah is best known as a wealthy businesswoman and labor party donor. She owns and serves as a director at a ‘specialist’ hotel and conference booking company called Trust Deposit. The company is said to have close commercial links with Labor. One of her most important contracts was booking hotel rooms for Labor delegates at annual conferences.

In her mother’s company, Zara works as an event manager.

Farah was also revealed to be the mystery party girl spotted in the back of a London taxi with Sally Bercow, the wife of the Speaker of the House of Commons, in 2013.

Farah is said to have contributed more than £40,000 to the party – including a £4,200 donation to Ed Miliband’s leadership campaign in 2010. Just weeks before Farah was spotted with Ms Bercow, she chatting to the Labor Party leader on Commons Terrace. Her security pass comes from Bercows’s special status as one of the few people living in the Palace of Westminster.

At that time, Farah was 48 years old. It is known that she was born in August 1965, so she is 58 years old this year.

On Farah’s birthday in August 2019, Zara wished her mother: “Happy birthday to the strongest and most amazing woman I know! I’m so proud to look up at you and call you my mom @fsassoon – thank you for everything you do for me, I’m truly lucky to have you by my side. I love you ❤ ️.”

Meet Peter Sassoon-Munns, Father Zara Zoffany

Zara Zoffany’s father is a hotelier named Peter Sassoon-Munns. Born in October 1953, Peter turns 70 years old in 2023.


On his LinkedIn, Peter says he is the Chief Executive Officer of LONBANK REALTY and a senior member of LONPEK LLC.

He added, “The experienced real estate professional and hotelier, spanning decades since qualifying as an ARICS (MRICS) in the 1970s, with extensive experience in the UK, EU and China, especially in building mixed real estate portfolios, operating real estate and development companies as well as building hotel groups from acquisition to high returns above market level and capital appreciation upon divestment, acting as Principal as well as main investor, Hotel Investor & Developer and real estate broker. Also available to advise, undertake feasibility studies, joint ventures and handle sensitive and off-market transactions as well as sourcing opportunities, specializing in luxury housing, social housing and London rental housing, mixed commercial, office investment, hotel/hospitality, and corporate transactions based on UK/EU assets.”

Related FAQs

  • Are Zara Zoffany’s parents still married?

Yes, it’s possible that Zara Zoffany’s parents are still happily married.

  • How many children do Zara Zoffany’s parents have?

In addition to Zara, Peter and Farah Sassoon-Munns also have two other children named Sophia Sassoon and Abraham Sassoon. Abraham’s LinkedIn reveals that he works for CClub / Trust Deposits / Lonbank Realty.

Sophia is an actress and reality TV star. She appeared on Made in Chelsea.

  • Where do Zara Zoffany’s parents reside?

Zara Zoffany’s parents reside in Bexhill-on-sea, East Sussex, England.

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