Who is Michelle Jackson? Don Jazz’s ex-wife profile: age, children, net worth, family, husband


Michelle Jackson (born October 17, 1980) is an American singer, songwriter and fashion model.

She is a well-known British brand influencer who has worked with several well-known fashion brands around the world. Michelle Jackson is also known for being the ex-wife of African music icon Don Jazzy.

American singer

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Michelle Jackson: History, Life, Photos
Wiki facts and figures
full name: Michelle Jackson
stage name: Yarnstaswitch
date of birth: October 17, 1980 (43 years old)
place of birth: USA
Country of Citizenship: America England
educate: graduate
high: 1.65m
parents: The Jacksons
brothers and sisters: not applicable
spouse: Don Jazz (m. 2001–2003)
Boyfriend • Partner: not applicable
children: 1
Profession: Singer • Model
net worth: $500,000 to $800,000 (USD)

early life

Michelle Jackson was born in a public medical center in the United States in the early 1980s, the exact date is October 17, 1980. She is the Jacksons’ favorite daughter. Although her roots are in the United States, she also holds British nationality, which adds a transatlantic color to her identity.

Michelle grew up in a middle-class neighborhood with devoted parents. As a black American, Michelle’s formative years were immersed in the vibrant culture of the United States. However, during her adolescence, her family embarked on a journey across the Atlantic and settled in bustling London, England.

In both countries, Michelle Jackson’s upbringing was rooted in Christian values, a reflection of the dedication of her parents, who worked tirelessly to provide her with every opportunity to instill in her the importance of integrity and virtue.

From a young age, Michelle had a passion for the arts. As a teenager, she was channeling her emotions into melodies, writing original songs and covering beloved tunes. She excelled in school musicals and local talent competitions, passionately showcasing her budding talent. Michelle dreamed big and aspired to be a star in the music industry.


Michelle Jackson completed his primary and secondary education at top schools in the United States.

During her high school years, she attended a top secondary school in the UK. She achieved excellent results in her O’Levels and A’Levels. However, after obtaining her A’Levels, Michelle decided not to go to university and planned to pursue a full-time music career.


After achieving excellent results in her A’Levels, Michelle Jackson made the big decision to dive headfirst into the world of professional music. After breaking into the music industry as a teenager, she spent countless hours in the studio perfecting her craft and fine-tuning her sound to resonate with her audiences. Michelle worked blue collar jobs to make ends meet, balancing her passion with practicality to cover expenses.

As her melodies began to spread on local radio, Michelle’s career gained momentum and attracted more and more fans. She worked tirelessly to promote her music and engage with her fans, taking to stages across the UK and electrifying audiences in clubs and events with her performances.

During this journey, Michelle Jackson met another musical genius, Michael Collins Ajere, known as Don Jazzy. They shared a love of music and a friendship blossomed, enriching their artistic pursuits.

Michelle welcomed her son into the world at a pivotal moment in her life, taking a break from the music industry to focus on motherhood. But her entrepreneurial spirit remained undaunted. She ventured into the beauty industry as a manicurist and quickly built a loyal clientele. She later expanded her horizons into fashion, becoming a sought-after plus-size model.

Michelle Jackson embraced her new status as a style icon, whose influence reverberated across social media platforms, establishing her as a brand influencer and ultimately a fashion ambassador. She collaborated with renowned global brands and became a beacon of style and empowerment.

But the call of music never waned. After returning to her roots, Michelle continued her musical journey, captivating audiences with her Afro-fusion tunes and lending her songwriting abilities to industry giants. Her influence did not go unnoticed, culminating in her receiving a prestigious award at the 13th Diamond Special Recognition Awards in September 2023.

social media

Michelle is a celebrity on social media. She has over 633,000 followers on Instagram.

  • Instagram account: @yarnstaswitch

personal life

Michelle Jackson is a very attractive woman with an intoxicating beauty. She is considered one of the sexiest female music stars in the British music industry. Her birthday is October 17th every year and she is currently 43 years old.

Michelle made international headlines in April 2021 when Afrobeats leader Don Jazzy revealed that he was once married to the lovely singer. Don Jazzy is a music producer and Marvin RecordsDon Jazzy is one of the top singers in the African music industry. So when the record company boss broke the news on social media, the world was shocked. No one thought that Don Jazzy was once married to Michelle Jackson.

According to Don Jazz, the two fell in love very early. The couple did not mind that Michelle was two years older than them. When they got married, Don Jazz was 20 and Michelle was 22. They held a private wedding in 2001.

Sadly, the marriage didn’t last long and the couple separated when Don was 22 years old. Michelle said the marriage fell apart because Don was more focused on his music career at the time. The award-winning music producer spent most of his time in the studio making music and passionately pursuing his dream of breaking into the Nigerian music industry. This decision led to the breakdown of their relationship and the two eventually had to go their separate ways.

Despite this, the couple remains good friends and keeps in touch regularly. Five years after her split from Don Jazzy, Michelle Jackson gave birth to her son, who is now a teenager. Michelle’s son turns 13 on September 15, 2023. However, the identity of her son’s father is unknown. Michelle’s current relationship is unknown as the singer remains tight-lipped about the topic.

net worth

Michelle Jackson has amassed a small fortune through her successful careers in music and fashion. Her net worth is estimated to be $500,000 to $800,000 (USD).

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