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Anastasiya Berthier (born December 25, 1995) is a beautiful woman who personifies art.

At 5 feet tall, she is blessed with one of the largest breasts the world has ever seen.

She is one of the world’s top busty models with many attractive deals in her portfolio.

She is also a professional graphic designer and artist, with several commissioned works.

Russian model

Anastasiya Berthier
Anastasiya Berthier: History, Biography, Photos
Wiki Info & About Data
First and last name: Anastasiya Berthier
Born: December 25, 1995 (28 years old)
Place of birth: Moscow
Nationality: Russian
Boyfriend • Husband: Unknown
Job: Model • Media personality
Net value: 250,000 USD- 500,000 USD

Early life

Busty model Anastasiya Berthier entered the world in the mid-1990s. She was born into a middle-class family of Mr. and Mrs. Berthier. Her name Anastasiya is a variation of the Greek name, Anastasia which means Resurrection.

Born and raised in Moscow, she is Russian. When she entered puberty, she began to notice that she was different. Her breasts are much bigger than other girls her age. The breasts continued to grow in size as she grew older.

Due to her unique breast size, she was body shamed by some of her peers and elders. This caused her to be depressed for a while. However, she decided that she would no longer allow negative thoughts to overwhelm her. Instead, she started to see the positive side of her big breasts. And start seeing her breasts as an asset, something she should be proud of. Gathering up her courage, she started posting more photos of herself on social networks.


Anastasiya Berthier completed her elementary, middle and high school education in Moscow.

She earned a degree from Moscow University.


While still a high school student, Anastasiya Berthier discovered that she had a talent for painting. She decided to take up painting as a part-time profession and would spend hours every week painting different pictures. To promote her work, she started posting photos of her paintings on social media. In just a short time, she received a lot of attention from Instagram users and was hired to paint.

To further develop her career, she decided to move to the United Arab Emirates. Coming to live in Dubai, she started earning more money thanks to her soft skills – Graphic Design and Content Writing. She works as a graphic designer and freelance content writer for an online magazine. In addition, she also undertakes work for other clients.

Receiving positive comments from several people who admired her big breasts, Anastasiya Berthier decided to try her hand at modeling. She opened a separate Instagram dedicated to her modeling career and began posting sexy photos online. In just a short time, she naturally grew the page to thousands of followers. This is because her photos have gone viral on the Internet and many social media users have visited her page to see her gorgeous body and breasts.

She is one of the top Social Media Influencers and has collaborated with several brands to promote their businesses.

Social Media

Anastasiya Berthier has two separate Instagram accounts for her modeling and art career. She has a total of more than 1 million followers on Instagram. She has over 143k followers on Twitter.

  • Instagram handle 1 – @artdikaya_
  • Instagram handle 2 – @a_berthier
  • Twitter handle – @ArtDikaya

Personal life

28-year-old model Anastasiya Berthier is living a comfortable life in Dubai. She lives in a spacious apartment located in an upscale residential area. She loves pets and has dogs and cats. She is a lover of beautiful tattoos and adorns her body with flower-shaped tattoos.

She is one of the few busty models who can effectively wear bikinis. She once had a romantic relationship but decided to break off the relationship with her ex-boyfriend for personal reasons. Basically, she is single and focused on her career.

She has a cup size measurement of 34kk.

Net value

Anastasiya Berthier is beloved in the social media space, her personal net worth is valued between $250,000 and $500,000.

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