Destiny Amaka Confesses She’s Ready to Kiss Her Mobile for Pay!

Nollywood actress Destiny Amaka has caused a stir with her recent comments, surprising and delighting many. In a candid conversation with reality TV star Uriel Oputa above Hot sauce inside of Pulse, Amaka delves into the world of acting, shedding light on her approach to her craft and the lengths she’s willing to go to to deliver a stellar performance.

For me, it’s all about delivering,” Amaka explains passionately, emphasizing the importance of leaving it all on stage or screen. She opens up about her self-love mantra, revealing how she uplifts herself to bring her characters to life, no matter what the role calls for.

But things took an unexpected turn when Uriel mentioned musician Portable, causing Amaka to reveal that she was willing to work with him. She even went as far as saying she would lock lips with him if the role called for it and the salary was right.

Uriel’s surprise was evident as she probed further, asking if Amaka would be willing to perform a French kiss. Amaka doesn’t back down, standing firm in her belief that if it serves the art and resonates with the audience, she’s up for the challenge, tongue and all.

Amaka’s candid admission sparked a heated debate among fans and industry insiders. While some applauded her dedication to her craft, others questioned the boundaries actors should be willing to cross in pursuit of authenticity.

Watch the video below;

Credit: Pulse Nigeria YouTube

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