Jennifer Lopez ‘begs’ to save marriage but Ben Affleck rejects plea for second chance: Report

In light of recent rumors about her relationship, Jennifer Lopez is determined to save her marriage to Ben Affleck to prevent another high-profile breakup.

There are a lot of rumors that their marriage could be on the verge of a $550 million breakup.

During the press conference for Lopez’s latest film, map, a reporter asked in Spanish about the veracity of the rumors surrounding her split from Affleck. Her first reaction was to laugh loudly, creating an atmosphere for the exchange.

In response to the reporter’s probing question, Lopez remained calm, leaned towards the reporter, looked straight into their eyes and affirmed: “You know better than that.”

Despite keeping a calm demeanor, the “Jenny from the Block” singer still finds herself at the center of rumors surrounding her troubled marriage.

Reports indicate that the unfolding scenario is particularly distressing for Lopez and Ben, especially given that Affleck is not wearing his wedding ring and that the couple often arrives separately at various events – on the rare occasions they appear together.

The People in a hurry The movie actress seems to have tried her best to save her marriage.

“She is desperate to save the relationship, not only because she loves him but also wants to save face from her fourth failed marriage,” Radar Online reported.

“Their last days and nights together were incredibly difficult. She begged [Affleck] for a second chance, but he said no.”

But sources close to the situation denied this information. Those close to Lopez are convinced that she is committed to growing her career while nurturing her relationship with Affleck.

Meanwhile, there are speculations that the famous duo, despite not publicly admitting any problems in their relationship, have been looking for a new home after seemingly living apart.

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A recent report by The Daily Mail highlighted that Jennifer Lopez’s efforts to establish herself as a multi-talented artist who excels in singing, dancing and acting, has filled her calendar, potentially her ability to challenge personal relationships with their demanding nature.

A close friend in Los Angeles revealed that when she tries her best, Lopez will definitely have a remarkable transformation.

The source said: “She’s poured her heart and soul into her love story with Ben and isn’t giving it up without a fight. From what I hear, there’s still a lot of love left.” That’s why there must be hope.”

There is also information regarding the stability of her $90 million Las Vegas residency contract. The situation is uncertain as the future of her residency contract remains uncertain, even after her tour was cancelled.

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