Ken Jeong’s Wife, Tran Jeong Bio: Age, Net Worth, Children, Instagram, Birthday, Height, Family

Tran Jeong is not just a famous American doctor. As the wife of famous actor and comedian Dr. Ken Jeong, she has become a famous figure in the entertainment industry.

Although not in the spotlight, Tran is still Ken’s supportive partner and often joins him in public events. However, her own life and achievements are equally impressive.

This article delves into Tran’s background, career, and net worth, providing a comprehensive look at the woman behind the famous name.


  • Full name: Tran Ho (Jeong)
  • Date of birth: February 24, 1972
  • Age: 52 years old
  • Place of birth: United States.
  • Nationality: American
  • Occupation: American doctor
  • Height: 5’5”
  • Parents: unknown
  • Siblings: unknown
  • Spouse: Ken Jeong
  • Children: 2, Alexa and Zooey
  • Relationship: Married
  • Net worth: $14 million

Early life and education

Tran Ho was born on February 24, 1972 in the United States. Her parents, who are of Vietnamese descent, raised her to the best of their ability.

Growing up in America, Tran studied at good schools from kindergarten to high school to university.

She eventually pursued a medical degree at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, where she excelled academically.

Her upbringing and education have helped her become the successful and accomplished individual she is today.


After graduating with a medical degree, she received the necessary certifications, such as a license to practice medicine.

She began practicing as a family physician, which she did for more than two decades. Additionally, she is a board-certified family physician and licensed to practice medicine in California.

However, despite her impressive qualifications and experience, she continued to face challenges in her career.

One challenge she faced was the increasing paperwork and administrative tasks that took up most of her time. This takes away from the time she could spend with her patients, hindering her ability to provide quality care.

Furthermore, the constant changes and updates in the medical field can be overwhelming, making it difficult to stay up to date with the latest treatments and practices.

Despite these challenges, she remains committed to her passion for helping others and strives to provide the best care for her patients.

Social Media

  • Instagram handle name: None
  • Facebook manager name: None
  • Twitter handle: None

Personal life

Tran Jeong’s marriage to Ken Jeong is both a source of happiness and fulfillment. They met while working at Kaiser Permanente in 2002 and have been happily married since September 2004.

Despite Ken’s decision to abandon his medical career to pursue comedy and acting, their relationship remains strong and supportive.

They are the proud parents of twin daughters Alexa and Zooey, born in 2007. Their marriage has stood the test of time and continues to thrive.

Net value

Tran Jeong MD’s exact net worth is still unknown as she has not disclosed her finances yet.

However, her husband, Ken Jeong, has amassed a net worth of about $14 million. This is the net worth that the combination of Ken Jeong and Tran Ho enjoys.

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