Laura Leigh Mickelson Bio, Meredith Mickelson Mother, Age, Work

Matty Healy’s ex-girlfriend, Meredith Mickelson has fascinated millions of people from all over the world. Even her mother, Laura Leigh Mickelson, was “amazed” by her talent and beauty.

But who is Laura Leigh Mickelson? Read on to find out.

Meet Laura Leigh Mickelson, Mother of Meredith Mickelson

Laura Leigh Mickelson is the loving mother of Meredith Mickelson. She has been her number one supporter and biggest fan since day one.

“Mer you are a unicorn,” Laura praised her daughter on IG. “You bring me so much joy. Every day is Christmas when I’m your mother. You truly are and always will be my avid follower. I love you.”

Additionally, she added that Meredith is just “the most beautiful young woman” she knows, but also the most honest and loyal.

Back when Meredith was featured on the cover of L’Officiel Austria magazine, Laura even took to her IG to write: “WOW!! You always surprise me. ❤️@loffielaustria is proud to present Sustainability Matters!”

But this is not the first time Laura has appeared in the magazine. In fact, she has appeared on the front page of international fashion magazine Vogue not once but twice.

Looking back, Meredith was offered her first modeling job at the age of 13. However, Laura doesn’t think this is the right time for her to start her career. The following year, she was offered another project, and this time, her parents allowed her to pursue her dream.

Now, the model has made a name for herself in the industry and is represented by some of the biggest agencies in the glamor world. Last we checked, she worked for Next Model Management and was making waves sharing her thoughts on ex-boyfriend Matty Healy’s alleged romance with Taylor Swift.

According to a report, Meredith was “blindsided” by Matty and Taylor’s alleged romance. “I hope he treats her better than he treats me,” the model reportedly told her friends.

Is Laura Leigh Mickelson still married to Meredith Mickelson’s father?

Yes, Laura Leigh Mickelson is still married to Meredith Mickelson’s father, Danny Mickelson.

Her husband, Daniel, is a graduate of Southern Lutheran High School and the University of Missouri who worked at Sourceforge. He turns 57 in 2023. Here’s his Facebook @danny.mickelon and Instagram @dannymickelson.

Laura and Danny share two children – Meredith and Daniel Mickelson.

Sadly, Daniel passed away in July 2021, at the age of 23, from fentanyl and cocaine poisoning. His death was first revealed on IG via Meredith’s IG. “My heart is broken and writing this feels so wrong and I don’t even know what to say,” Meredith captioned a photo of them when they were younger. “Yesterday I lost my brother, my best friend and the other half of my heart.”

Additionally, she went on to say that her brother is “the person with the brightest, happiest smile in existence.”

Furthermore, she visited Los Angeles-based tattoo artist Konstantin Noskos and got the words “guardian angel” permanently tattooed on the inside of each of her wrists in a pretty cursive font , in Daniel’s memory.

Likewise, Laura paid tribute to her son on her IG, “Daniel, thank you for your gift. You have brought us unimaginable joy for 23 years. Your smile is still as infectious as before. Not a day goes by that we are not reminded of your silliness and your kind heart.”

For those who don’t know, Daniel is an aspiring actor. He played “Billy” in the 2019 film The Killer Clown Meets the Candy Man. The same year, he was also set to play the role of “Billy” on Mani, an American web drama series. In addition, he just launched a fashion line based on his passion. The brand is called Kids Back Home, a streetwear line “for kids back home.”

Laura Leigh Mickelson Age

Laura Leigh Mickelson turns 60 in 2023.

What was Laura Leigh Mickelson’s maiden name?

Laura Leigh Mickelson’s maiden name is “Webber”.

“Leigh” is her middle name.

Laura Leigh Mickelson’s family

Laura comes from a family of four. Sadly we don’t know about her father but her mother Jury @judithwebberr turned 83 in December 2022.

As for her younger sister, Melissa Furr is a graduate of George Walton Comprehensive High School and Kennesaw State University who worked at Webber & Associates, Inc. In 2023, she lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her husband Craig Furr, a digital creator.

Melissa and Craig share a son and a daughter.

Laura Leigh Mickelson Work

Laura Leigh Mickelson is the owner of Source Environmental & Agriculture. Her company mainly operates in the field/business of Brokerage Services in the Business Services sector. This organization has been in operation for about 29 years and generates an annual revenue of about $424 thousand.

In addition, she also co-owns the Kids Back Home fashion brand with her late son Daniel. Mother and daughter together registered the company in November 2020 and officially launched the company in January 2021. Meredith even worked as a model for the company. Find kids back home on IG

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  • Where does Laura Leigh Mickelson come from?

Laura is from Atlanta, Georgia. But in 2023, she resides in Alpharetta, Georgia.

  • When is Laura Leigh Mickelson’s birthday?

Laura received birthday wishes in February.

  • Is Laura Leigh Mickelson on Instagram and Facebook?

Find Laura on Instagram @llmick7777 and Facebook @LauraLeighMickelson.

Also, here is her Twitter @llauraleighmick.

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