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Liam Gallagher is one of the most iconic figures in British rock music, known for his unique singing style and outspoken, arrogant and volatile personality.

He rose to fame as the lead singer of the rock band Oasis, later became the lead singer of the rock band Beady Eye, and in 2017 began a successful solo career.

He is also the younger brother of Noel Gallagher, the former lead guitarist and songwriter for Oasis, with whom he had a long-standing feud.


  • Full name: William John Paul Gallagher
  • Nickname: Liam
  • Date of Birth: September 21, 1972
  • Age: 51
  • Sex: Male
  • Birthplace: Burnage, Manchester, England
  • Nationality: British
  • Occupation: Singer, songwriter
  • Height: 5 feet 10 inches (1.78 meters)
  • Parents: Thomas and Peggy Gallagher
  • Siblings: 2
  • Spouses: Patsy Kensit (married 1997, divorced 2000), Nicole Appleton (married 2008, divorced 2014)
  • Children: Molly Gallagher, Lennon Gallagher, Gene Gallagher, Gemma Gallagher
  • Relationship status: Engaged to Debbie Gwyther
  • Net worth: $8 million

Early life and education

Liam Gallagher, 51, was born in Burnage, Manchester, England, on September 21, 1972. He is the youngest of three sons of Irish immigrants Thomas and Peggy Gallagher.

His father was a violent and abusive alcoholic who beat his wife and children. Liam and his brothers, Noel Gallagher and Paul Anthony Gallagher, suffered from their father’s abuse until their mother finally left him and took them away when Liam was 12. They moved to a tenement house on Ashburn Avenue, where Liam grew up.

Liam was not interested in school and often got in trouble for misbehaving. At 15, he was expelled from Barrow Roman Catholic High School for fighting with another student.

He then enrolled at a local college but dropped out after a year.

As a teenager, he began to develop a keen interest in music, being influenced by bands such as The Beatles, The Who, The Stone Roses, The Jam and The Sex Pistols.

He particularly idolized John Lennon and took his image as his own. He also learned to play the tambourine, guitar, harmonica and piano.

personal life

Liam Gallagher’s personal life has been full of ups and downs, including multiple relationships, marriage, divorce, extramarital affairs, and having children.

After dating her for two years, he married his first wife, actress Patsy Kensit, in 1997. In 1999, they had a son, whom they named Lennon after John Lennon.

However, their marriage was not smooth and was plagued by rumours of infidelity. In 1997, Liam had an affair with singer Lisa Moorish, who gave birth to his daughter Molly in 1998.

He also had a brief relationship with singer Dannii Minogue in 1998. Liam and Patsy divorced in 2000 after three years of marriage.

Liam then began dating Nicole Appleton, a member of the girl band All Saints, in 2000. In 2001, they had a son, Gene, named after Gene Vincent. After eight years together, they married in 2008.

Their marriage seemed stable and happy until Liam fathered a daughter, Gemma, after a one-night stand with American journalist Liza Ghorbani in 2013. The scandal led to Liam and Nicole’s divorce in 2014, after six years of marriage.

Liam is engaged to his former personal assistant Debbie Gwyther, whom he met in 2013. They have been together since 2014 and announced their engagement in 2019. They live in Hampstead, London, with Liam’s two cats, Sid and Nancy.


Liam Gallagher began his music career in 1991 when he joined the band The Rain, which was formed by his schoolmates Paul McGuigan and Paul Arthurs.

He suggested changing the band’s name to “Oasis”, inspired by a poster by Inspiral Carpets. He also invited his brother Noel to join the band as lead guitarist and songwriter, on the condition that Noel must take full control of the band’s musical direction. Noel agreed, and Oasis was born.

Oasis quickly became one of the leading bands in the Britpop movement, which emerged in the mid-1990s and was characterized by a revival of British guitar music and a sense of national pride.

Oasis’ debut album, Definitely Maybe, was released in 1994 to critical and commercial success, becoming the fastest-selling UK debut album of all time.

The band included hit singles such as “Supersonic”, “Live Forever” and “Cigarettes & Alcohol”, making Oasis a major force in the British music scene.

Oasis’ second album, (What’s the Story) Morning Glory?, was released in 1995 and was an even greater success, topping the album charts in many countries and selling over 22 million copies worldwide.

The album included some of Oasis’ classic songs, such as “Wonderwall”, “Don’t Look Back in Anger”, “Champagne Supernova” and “Some Might Say”. The album also sparked a fierce competition between Oasis and another British rock band Blur, which was regarded as Oasis’ main rival.

The two bands clashed over media coverage.Battle of the Britpop” Oasis and Blur’s singles “Roll with It” and “Country House” were released on the same day in August 1995. Blur won the chart battle, but Oasis won the war because their album sales far outsold Blur.

Oasis’s third album, Be Here Now, released in 1997, was one of the most anticipated albums of the decade and became the fastest-selling album in UK chart history, selling over 420,000 copies on its first day.

However, the album received mixed reviews from critics, who criticized it for being too long, overproduced, and unoriginal. It also marked the beginning of Oasis’s decline in popularity, as Britpop gradually declined and the new music trend rose.

Oasis continued to release albums in the 21st century, but none of them achieved the same success and influence as their first three albums.

They also faced problems such as lineup changes, legal troubles, substance abuse, and most importantly, growing tensions between Liam and Noel, who often argued and fought over creative differences, personal issues, and public insults.

Their relationship reached breaking point in August 2009 when Noel quit the band following a violent row with Liam backstage before a Paris concert.

He announced his departure in a statement, saying: “It is with a mixture of sadness and relief that I… quit Oasis tonight. People will write what they like, but I can’t work with Liam one more day.”

After Noel’s departure, Liam and the rest of Oasis decided to continue as a new band, Beady Eye, with Liam serving as lead singer and songwriter.

They released two albums, Different Gear, Still Speeding in 2011 and BE in 2013, but neither album was well received by critics, fans, or commercially successful. Beady Eye disbanded in 2014, four years after its formation.

Liam began a solo career and signed with Warner Bros. Records in 2016. In 2017, he released his debut solo album, As You Were, which was a critical and commercial success.

It topped the UK Albums Chart and became the ninth fastest-selling debut album of the 2010s in the UK, with first-week sales of over 103,000 copies.

The album also received positive reviews from critics, who praised Liam’s vocals, songwriting, and charisma. It included the singles “Wall of Glass”, “For What It’s Worth” and “Come Back to Me”.

Liam’s second solo album, Why Me? Why Not, was released in 2019 to mostly positive reviews and topped the UK charts.

It was his tenth number one album, including eight with Oasis, and became the best-selling LP of 2019. It included singles such as Shockwave, Once and Now That I’ve Found You.

Liam has also performed live as a solo artist, headlining festivals and concerts around the world, and has collaborated with artists such as Gorillaz, The Prodigy and The Who.

He has also been involved in various charities such as the One Love Manchester concert, Teenage Cancer Trust and War Child.

Liam is regarded as one of the greatest frontmen of all time and one of the most influential and charismatic figures in British rock music.

He has won numerous awards and honors, including the NME Genius Award, the Q Icon Award, the MTV Europe Music Award Rock Icon Award and the Brit Award for Outstanding Contribution to Music. He has also been nominated for the Mercury Prize, the Ivor Novello Award and a Grammy Award.

net worth

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Liam Gallagher’s net worth is estimated to be $60 million.

He has made a fortune through his music career, both as a member of the band Oasis and as a solo artist, and has endorsement deals with brands including Adidas, Pretty Green and Burberry.


Liam Gallagher has been involved in a number of controversies throughout his career, both on and off stage.

He is known for his outspokenness, often offensive statements, violent and erratic behavior, and legal troubles. Some of his most notable controversies are:

In 1994 he was arrested for possession of cocaine during a raid on a London nightclub. He was fined £600 and granted a conditional discharge.

In 2002, he got into a brawl with a group of fans in Munich, which resulted in him losing two front teeth and being arrested for assault.

He was fined €50,000 and banned from entering Germany for one year.

Several women have sued him for child support, including Lisa Moorish, Liza Ghorbani and Lillie Huddy, and he has reportedly paid millions of pounds in settlements and maintenance to ex-wives and former lovers.

He was accused of cheating on his second wife, Nicole Appleton, with multiple women, including singer Lily Allen, journalist Lisa Ghorbani and actress Sienna Miller. He denied the allegations but later admitted he had a daughter, Gemma, with Ghorbani.

He and his brother Noel Gallagher had a long-running feud that led to the breakup of Oasis and multiple lawsuits.

The brothers have not spoken since 2009 and have publicly insulted and ridiculed each other on various occasions. Liam has also criticised Noel’s solo work and accused him of plagiarising his songs.

In 2016, he was sued by former Beady Eye bandmate Andy Bell for breach of contract. Bell claimed Liam owed him £500,000 in unpaid royalties and fees. The case was settled out of court in 2017.

He got into an argument with actor Idris Elba at the 2013 NME Music Awards. He allegedly threw a drink at Elba and tried to grab his hat. Elba reportedly responded by ruffling Liam’s hair and pushing him away. The incident was caught on camera and went viral on social media.

In 2019, he got into an argument with a security guard at the Glastonbury Festival, allegedly trying to force his way backstage where his girlfriend, Debbie Gwyther, was waiting for him.

The guards stopped him, pushed him away and told him to calm down. Liam responded by swearing and shouting at the guards before being escorted away by his entourage.

social media

  • Instagram: @liamgallagher
  • Twitter: @liamgallagher


  • glass wall
  • Good value for money
  • Greedy Soul
  • come back to me
  • Shockwave
  • One of Us
  • Now I found you
  • once
  • Everything is electric
  • Good Days

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