NYC’s 2024 Governor’s Ball Recap: Pop, Pride, and Peso Pluma

Sunday, June 9, the final day of NYC’s 2024 Governors Festival, brought out the best to end the weekend with a bang, and Music Times was on-site to capture every moment. Below are some highlights of yesterday’s on-site performances and activities as recounted by our on-site witnesses.

Lesbian pop princesses run onto the main stage

On Sunday, two of the names on everyone’s lips, both proud lesbians, took over the main stage like they owned it: Chappell Roan and Reneé Rapp.

Roan started the evening early with a transcendent set, starting with a backdrop showing a Google search for “Am I gay?” She tapped into hits like “Good Luck, Babe!” and the situation-filled “Casual,” which simultaneously pauses to fight for transgender rights, women’s rights and justice for “all oppressed people in the occupied territories.” Dressed as the Statue of Liberty, whom Roan called “the greatest queen,” the Midwestern Princess and her performance paid clear homage to NYC’s gay culture .

Is it normal? @ChappellRoan? #GovBall

– Liz Foster (@thelizfoster) June 10, 2024

Meanwhile, Rapp brought her self-proclaimed “stage kid” energy to the stage, dazzling the audience while also playing with the cameras following her, ensuring that her performance she was projected perfectly on the large screen next to the stage. She bounced between highs and lows, playing classics like “Pretty Girls” and “Talk Too Much,” but also calling herself a “whore of ballads” before singing slower tunes like ” In the Kitchen” and “The Wedding Song”.

Not only beautiful but also extremely seductive @reneerapp #GovBall

– Liz Foster (@thelizfoster) June 10, 2024

“We’re viz. We’re the viz,” Rapp quipped, expressing his excitement over the strange pride and visibility. She questioned whether there would be any “straight boyfriends” in attendance, followed by several raised hands from the audience.

“I don’t care,” she joked.

Before ending her show, Rapp asked the crowd to cheer if they “love lesbians” and she met them. thunder clap.

Peso Pluma and Rich the Kid unite

Peso Pluma rocked the GoPuff stage with a massive band and a group of flashy dancers on Sunday night. His stage presence was notable as he sang and danced to the continuous cheers of the crowd. Pluma also boldly went where few artists dare to go this weekend by bringing in a special guest: Rich the Kid.

Pluma introduced Rich the Kid, a native of Queens, NY, to perform their song “Gimme a Second”. The two artists danced around the stage, inspiring each other as they played a vibrant, energetic song.

Flexin’/Wake up and brush my teeth, put on my flooded Cuban necklace/I’m broke, can’t afford Waffle House, my pockets are pregnant/Wait, let me count, give me a second,” raps Rich the Kid in the chorus before Pluma dives into his own explosive verse. Pluma then gives Rich the Kid a moment to shine on his own as the rapper jumps into his hit single, “Plug Walk”, received a standing ovation.

In a weekend with surprisingly few performers, Peso Pluma’s choice to present Rich the Kid was a welcome breath of fresh air.

Guest appearances from @richthekid In @_PesoPlumahas been set! #GovBall

– Liz Foster (@thelizfoster) June 10, 2024

However, Pluma’s performance was not without its shortcomings. The 24-year-old male singer broke a bone in his foot while performing “IDGAF” but still tried to overcome the pain to complete an excellent performance. He later confirmed the injury in an Instagram story, writing “Fractura confirmada.”

Indie-Rock dominated the IHG stage

Rock stars, both established and in the making, were heavily represented at Gov Ball 2024. On Sunday, bands leaned more towards indie-rock than raw or alternative rock. The Hails, Geese and Beach Fossils all took to the IHG Stage to interact with the (gently) head-banging audience. Watching the bands (almost) back-to-back felt like entering a different festival, falling somewhere between Warped Tour and Bonnaroo. Hails shouted out their home state of Florida and their alma mater, the University of Florida, at the start of practice. “Go Gator!” the band shouted to the cheers of those crowded at the barricade. The daughter of Beach Fossils frontman Dustin Payseur attracted attention late in the afternoon when the young man was taken out to accompany the band. She wore oversized yellow sunglasses and strummed her own small guitar. The crowd let out soft “aw” sounds when they saw the father-son duo.

Must stop by for a moment @beachfossils 🫶🏻 #GovBall @GovBallNYC

– Liz Foster (@thelizfoster) June 10, 2024

Meanwhile, geese were spotted hanging out in the press room with a statue of a goose after a successful performance.

The 2024 Governor’s Festival takes place June 7-9 at Flushing Meadows Corona Park in New York City.

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