Riley Keough Accuses Lisa Marie Presley’s Ex Michael Lockwood of ‘Moneygrubbing’ in New Court Battle

Riley Keough has reportedly labeled Lisa Marie Presley’s ex-husband, Michael Lockwood, a money-hungry man after he launched a new court battle.

After settling Graceland and Lisa Marie’s estate matters, Riley began dealing with Michael after he claimed that his lawyer helped prevent Priscilla Presley from seizing the estate in 2023. He is currently seeking $153,000 in legal fees.

“From the beginning, Michael and his attorneys have played a central role in helping the parties focus on resolving those issues with minimal court intervention,” said his petition, which was shared and stated clearly. “Michael was able to achieve his goal of ensuring all court matters were resolved in an efficient and cost-effective manner so that Finley and Harper had the financial resources their mother desired. “

Lisa Marie and Michael split in 2016 after a 10-year marriage and divorced in 2021. They share twins Harper and Finley.

A source told that Riley despised her ex-stepfather because she refused to give him what he asked for.

A friend revealed: “Riley saw what Michael put her mother through in that nasty court battle all those years and believes he is just a money-grubber.” “Now she feels like he’s doing the same thing to her!”

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However, insiders note that Riley adores her stepsisters and takes care of them financially.

According to one of the insiders, Daisy Jones & Six star plans to face Michael in court over the petition over the summer while taking care of her sisters.

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The new lawsuit comes after Riley ended his legal battle with Graceland after Naussany Investments and Private Lending tried to sell Elvis Presley’s former home in a foreclosure sale.

It follows a $3.8 million loan the lender said Lisa Marie took out in 2018. The late singer allegedly used Graceland as collateral and never repaid the loan.

In response to the sales effort, Riley filed a lawsuit against the company in May, claiming it was a fraudulent move. She also alleged that the signature on the loan documents was forged.

A Tennessee judge then temporarily blocked the company from selling Graceland before Naussany Investments and Private Lending said it would drop the claim.

Riley became sole trustee of the Memphis estate upon Lisa Marie’s death.

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