Tolani Baj criticizes Saskay’s relationship, sparking online fever!

With all the fuss surrounding Big Brother Naija (BBNaija), Saskay’s love life has taken a sour turn with her boyfriend, Chef Derin, making some pretty bold claims about bedroom activities their. In a recent interview, he did not mince words, describing their intimate moments as “terrible.” But his words didn’t just stir the pot; they caused controversy.

People were quick to pick up on Chef Derin’s comments, criticizing him for making their private matters public. One prominent voice speaking out against him was DJ Tolani Baj, who did not hesitate to call his words “Bad PR for her vagina.” Yes, things get heated very quickly.

The backlash was not directed at Chef Derin; TBAJ also faced some criticism for her words. Fans and people on social media did not hesitate to question her motives and criticized her for adding fuel to the fire.

But amid all the drama, there were also voices supporting Saskay, with many supporting her and calling on all involved to show more respect and understanding.

Watch the video below;

Tolani Baj, also known as TBAJ, said: “I think Saskay made a mistake, but Chef Derin’s statement is not good; it’s just another way for her to promote herself.”

— Mayowa Olagunju ❁ (@iam_doctormayor) March 22, 2024

As the dust settles, Saskay and the BBNaija community must deal with the fallout from Chef Derin’s comments.

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