Who is Matheus Gerard? Age, Job, Husband George Santos

George Santos “toughly launched” his marriage to Matheus Gerard but the US representative would not label it as such. He recently survived an attempt to be expelled from the House of Commons. So who is his husband?

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Meet Matheus Gerard, husband of George Santos

In early October 2023, George Santos caught netizens off guard after mentioning Matheus Gerard as his husband.

“My husband Matt and I are heartbroken by the news of Senator Feinstein’s passing,” George’s tweet on X read. “Lotus. Feinstein was a pioneer who devoted more than 30 years to serving his country. We send our condolences to the Feinstein family as they grieve this devastating loss.”

Many people joked that this was a “difficult start” for the marriage because the husband’s sudden announcement in the middle of a memorial service for a widely respected politician caused a series of comments. online suspicion.

Tim Hogan, a Democratic strategist, joined the online conversation with a post about X. “Did George Santos just come out to his husband… after Senator Feinstein’s departure?” he wrote. Kendall Brown wrote on Twitter: “Taking advantage of the death of a US Senator to bring down his secret husband is the gayest thing George Santos has ever done.” “10/10, amazing job.”

There was no previous mention of Matheus but the Courier found references to his husband. Back in 2020, George Santos said that he was living with a partner named Matheus (aka Matt) and their four dogs.

George responded to the online chaos early Monday morning by sharing a photo of himself with Matheus Gerard, who goes by his wife, Matt.

Just before 2:30 a.m., along with the image, George wrote: “For those wondering and going crazy, this is Matt, my husband as of November 2021… I’m not sure all the comments “come out Where do “difficult eyes” come from? He added, “Or maybe it’s just that people are starting to understand that they’ve been played by the media with all the nonsense they’ve written about me? However, let’s have fun pretending the media’s description of me is correct.”

But amid the long-running scandal over fraudulent CVs, his sexual identity was thrown into question when it was discovered that he was previously married to a woman in December 2022. “Previously I used to date women. I married a woman. I’m okay with my sexuality. People change.”

According to reports, Santos married Uadla Vieira, a Brazilian woman in 2012; however, their wedding was largely hidden from the public eye. According to people who spoke to The Daily Beast more recently, Santos dated Pedro Vilarva in 2014 and the two shared a house until Vilarva moved out in 2015.

Matheus’s marriage to George has been under close scrutiny ever since. One netizen wrote: “George Santos has conflicting timelines on social media about when he and husband Matheus got married. In February 2021, Santos announced his marriage in a tweet, but still referred to Matt as his fiance in subsequent posts, like the one below from July 2021.”

Another person tweeted, “So… does George Santos’s husband really exist? Are they really married… some of the things people are saying need to be verified, because you need a marriage certificate to get married – it has to be public.”

Age of Matheus Gerard

In 2023, Matheus Gerard is 26 years old. Meanwhile, George was born on July 22, 1988, this year he is 35 years old.

Matheus Gerard Jobs

According to George Santos’ Tweet from January 2021, he claims that Matheus was a pharmacist who worked 12 hours/7 days for 9 months and was fired after George attended MarALago’s New Year’s Eve party .

George tweeted: “My fiancé and I got to leave the house tonight with our 4 dogs (Anastacia, Aurora, Electra and Elsa) thanks @New York Times My Instagram post shows I’m in attendance #MarALago New Year’s party. My fiancé, a pharmacist, who worked 12 hour shifts/7 days for 9 months was fired! The violence against us is real.”

Advocate checked pharmacy licenses in New York and New Jersey and discovered that neither the pharmacist nor the pharmacy technician had a license under that name.

Therefore, it has not been confirmed whether Matheus is actually a pharmacist or not.

George Santos is a seasoned investor, financier and entrepreneur who has worked extensively in M&A, real estate, capital markets, biotechnology and capital placement. Having demonstrated his ability to get results in the corporate world, he will now make the same trip to Washington to represent New York’s Third Congressional District.

As a member of the congressional class whose victories helped relinquish Nancy Pelosi from her leadership position, George is committed to bringing his constituents tangible results. Politicians have been elected for too long, only to disappoint their voters by giving in to political pressure. George strives to stay strong and works tirelessly to raise the standard of living of everyone in New York’s Third Congressional District.

Is Matheus Gerard on Instagram?

On Instagram Matheus Gerard’s name is (@matheussantosnyc) and on Facebook it is (@matheus.gerard.1).

Matheus Gerard’s height

Matheus Gerard’s height is under 5’7”.

Related FAQs

  • Where does Matheus Gerard come from?

According to Brazilian news agency piauí, Matheus Gerard was born in Brazil (Brazilian by nationality) and he and his fiancée live in Queens, New York.

  • When is Matheus Gerard’s birthday?

Matheus Gerard’s date of birth has not yet been made public.

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