Who is Erwin Bach? Tina Turner’s ex-husband bio: children, net worth, house, age, family, Wikipedia


Erwin Bach (born January 24, 1956) is a talented German music producer who has achieved success in the music industry. His marriage to the famous singer-songwriter Tina Turner brought him fame.

Their relationship inspired and won the admiration of fans all over the world.

German music producer Tina Turner’s ex-husband

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Erwin Bach: History, Life, Photos
Wiki facts and figures
full name: Erwin Bach
date of birth: January 24, 1956 (68 years old)
place of birth: Cologne, Germany
Country of Citizenship: German
educate: not applicable
high: 1.73 m
parents: Mr. and Mrs. Bach
brothers and sisters: not applicable
spouse: Tina Turner ( m. 2013–2023)
Girlfriend • Partner: not applicable
children: not applicable
Profession: Record producer • Actor
net worth: $200 million

Early life and education

Record producer Erwin Bach was born on January 24, 1956 in Cologne, Germany. He was raised by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Bach. Not much is known about his siblings and educational background.

Erwin Bach is the husband of legendary musician Tina Turner and they have been in a committed and loving relationship since 1985.


Erwin Bach was a multi-talented and somewhat mysterious man who made his mark in the music world as a producer and actor. Born on January 24, 1956 in Cologne, Germany, Bach’s career was as varied as his musical tastes.

Bach’s musical journey began as EMI Germanywhere he discovered his passion for the music business side of things. EMI Swiss Recordsdemonstrating his ability to advance.

In 1999, Erwin Bach stepped from behind the scenes into the spotlight, making his debut in the Mexican family romance film Love trap: lateThis unexpected adventure brought out his hidden acting talent.

However, Erwin Bach is best known for his Rock QueenTina Turner. The two met in 1985 when Bach picked her up at the airport before a concert. It was love at first sight for Tina; the rest is history.

As a record company executive, Bach had a major impact on the music industry. Electrical and music industries EMI Records has branches in Germany and Switzerland. He served as General Manager of EMI Germany and General Manager of EMI Switzerland, contributing to the success of many artists.

exist Love trap: lateErwin Bach played German millionaire Hans von Stark in the film, which tells the story of a young Mexican woman who falls in love with a wealthy European man and overcomes cultural and social barriers in their relationship. Bach’s appearance in the film cemented his place in the entertainment industry.

social media

Erwin Bach does not have any social media accounts.

personal life

Erwin Bach and Tina Turner, a couple who were together for more than 20 years, finally parted ways in 2023, proving that even the strongest bonds can sometimes break. Despite their long marriage, the two had no children.

However, Tina Turner is no stranger to motherhood, having two sons, Raymond Craig Turner and Ronnie Turner, from her previous marriage to musician Ike Turner. She also has two stepchildren, Ike Turner Jr. and Michael Turner. Tina’s family tree is more lush than a forest in spring.

net worth

Erwin Bach is a successful German music producer known for his staggering net worth of $200 million. He has accumulated this wealth through his successful career in the music industry.

As a producer, he has worked with numerous best-selling artists and has been a key figure in the success of many hit songs. His talent and hard work have brought him a huge fortune, making him one of the richest music producers in the world.

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