Who is Joe Ambrosole? His Age, Job, Net Worth, Jen Harley

Joe Ambrosole and Jen Harley welcomed their first child together in 2023. The former reality TV actress documented her journey on her Instagram Story and revealed that she was taken to the hospital on Wednesday night . She posted a Boomerang of her and Ambrosole celebrating with Chipotle burritos, “Congratulations to our boy!”

Furthermore, 15 hours later, Jen gave a new update. This time, she captioned a picture of her newborn in a previous Story with, “The baby is here! He is healthy! Thanks everyone for the DM I saw you!

“Joe accidentally went to the wrong hospital first. I was 2-3 minutes apart in contractions, laughing, we got to the right hospital 25 minutes later, and they told me I was only 1cm dilated. I couldn’t believe that after all the intense contractions, they wanted me to wait to go to the doctor. ultrasound and can come back…” Jenn captioned the photo of her and Joe smiling at the camera.

Jen further explained that she had a “pretty traumatic experience even giving birth”, adding: “I felt like my bones were broken in my body, I had never experienced pain like that This”.

Jen continued: “I wasn’t hospitalized so I couldn’t get an epidural yet. During the time between the epidural and the contractions, the pain was unbelievable.” “I really don’t know how moms can do this without it!”

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Meet Joe Ambrosole, Jen Harley’s Boyfriend

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro’s ex Jen Harley and her boyfriend Joe Ambrosole started dating in 2021. The couple is no stranger to controversy, especially after Jenn’s arrest in 2021 for allegations of domestic abuse and assault. After a night of drinking, she allegedly hurled racial slurs at Joseph and brandished a gun.

However, the reality TV star shared pictures and a mysterious message on Instagram, leading many to believe that this was the last straw. Jenn posted a photo of herself cuddling Jersey Shore star Ronnie Ortiz-Magro’s three-year-old daughter Ariana.

“One day we will have a family,” Jen wrote, without revealing who she was talking to. “You complete me. Not a vacation Not a car Not a dinner Not a fake gift. Friend.”

Additionally, one person even pointed out that Jenn appears to have deleted any mention of Joe on her social media. “They don’t follow each other and delete photos with each other in them. I consider it a farewell.”

Furthermore, despite all the ups and downs in their relationship, Joe and Jenn have announced that they are going to become parents, the first child they have shared together.

On Monday, August 7, Jenn posted a photo from a maternity photo shoot with her boyfriend, Joe Ambrosole, “J+J+J.” In the photo, Harley is seen smiling in the ocean with her partner in a black bikini that reveals her growing baby bump.

Jenn welcomed Ariana with Ortiz-Magro in April 2018, and she and her ex-husband, Joshua Rogers, also have a 17-year-old son together named Mason. Harley teamed up with Ariana in white for some sunset maternity looks in addition to her photos with Ambrosole. “So special, my daughter loves this baby as much as we do 🤍🫶,” she captioned a pair of photos with her daughter.

Most recently in early October 2023, Jenn wished her baby daddy a happy birthday. She captioned it: “Happy birthday to the love of my life, my best friend 🩵 So happy that you came into this world today and found me in your life! Today we are 36 years old and our baby is on the way! Best feeling ever! Love you so much Jojo! – Everyone wish Joe a happy birthday!! 🎂.”

Likewise, in March 2023, Joe announced that Jenn was “ride or die, my PIC, we never missed a beat 🤫.”

Furthermore, eagle-eyed fans were surprised to learn that they were back together again. One fan commented on the post: “Are they back together??” Anther answered her: “Yes, they did that many times. He deleted all their photos together, then reposted them. Same with her daughter. He deleted those photos and then reposted them. As things go back and forth, everyone wants to say that Ronnie is the one with the problem!”

They have not provided any updates on their relationship after they were rumored to have broken up in August 2022.

Joe Ambrosole’s age

As of 2023, Joe Ambrosole is 36 years old. 1987 is Joe’s birth year.

The work of Joe Ambrosole

Joe Ambrosole is an entrepreneur and a certified chef. You can see him sharing a lot of recipes. He mainly posts his recipes on another IG (@Bodyhi.co) which is currently unavailable.

According to his Facebook, Joe attended Tottenville High School.

What is Joe Ambrosole’s net worth?

In 2023, Joe Ambrosole’s estimated net worth should be above $500 thousand.

Joe Ambrosole’s family

Joe Ambrosole’s parents can be named Lisa Ambrosole and Joseph Ambrosole. Both reside in Staten Island, New York, Lisa is 62 years old and Joseph is 65 years old.

Joseph appears to have been the owner of NetConnect since 1992. He attended Lafayette High School and DeVry University.

Talking more about his family, Joe has an older brother named Thomas Ambrosole, who turns 37 in March 2023. Thomas is working as Vice President at ArisGlobal. He graduated

Tottenville High School in 2004 and went to Lafayette College, where he studied for a Bachelor’s degree, Government and Law from Lafayette College.

Joe Ambrosole height

Joe Ambrosole’s height measures under 6 feet.

Related FAQs

  • Where does Joe Ambrosole come from?

Joe Ambrosole is from New York, New York. He is residing in Staten Island, New York.

Furthermore, he divides his time between New York, Las Vegas and Miami.

  • When is Joe Ambrosole’s birthday?

Joe Ambrosole’s birthday is on October 2.

  • Is Joe Ambrosole on Instagram?

Yes, Joe Ambrosole is available on IG and FB.

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