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Josiah Akinloye (born 9 May 1994), known professionally as Lord Josiah, is a prominent Nigerian businessman.

Famous for founding several technology-related businesses in Nigeria, he has quickly become one of the dynamic young leaders driving the technology industry towards success in the country.

Josiah Akinloye is recognized as the visionary behind it MainLogix technology companya pioneering Nigerian technology company, cementing its legacy as a driving force in Nigeria’s technology landscape.

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Wiki Info & About Data
First and last name: Josiah Akinloye
Stage name: Lord Josias
Born: May 9, 1994 (30 years old)
Place of birth: Ikirun, Osun, Nigeria
State of origin: Osun State
Nationality: Nigerian
Education: do not apply
Height: do not apply
Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Akinloye
Siblings: do not apply
Couple: Not married
Girlfriend • Partner: do not apply
Children: do not apply
Job: businessmen
Net value: $???

Early Life & Education

Born on May 9, 1994 and hailing from Ikirun, Osun State, Josiah Akinloye emerged as a promising young technology entrepreneur. His early life set the stage for a fascinating journey characterized by a deep commitment to technology, entrepreneurship and innovation.

Josiah Akinloye began his educational journey focusing on technology, earning a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (B.Tech). This early educational experience reflected his innate interest in technological pursuits and served as the foundational foundation for a career marked by cutting-edge advances and groundbreaking projects. convert.


Josiah Akinloye has forged an impressive trajectory as a Technology Entrepreneur, demonstrating proficiency in Transhumanism, Internet of Things (IoT) Engineering, Robotics and Automation. His journey unfolded through key roles as an Entrepreneur and a Technologist, leaving an indelible mark on the evolution of technology and its diverse applications.

Business plan

MainLogix Technology Inc.: Under the leadership of MainLogix Technology Inc. As Founder and CEO, Lord Josiah spearheads this IoT-centric company. Renowned for groundbreaking solutions in smart home automation, healthcare technology, and smart community ecosystems, MainLogix technologyits flagship product, a comprehensive product Smart home systemSeamlessly integrates a variety of technologies, including Remote Patient Monitoring, Telemedicine, Mobile Health, Assisted Living and Home Automation.

Savycon Technology: As the Founder of Savycon Technology, Lord Josiah established a marketplace and outsourcing platform that connected skilled labor with people looking for various services.

Josiah Akinloye is a dedicated member of prestigious organizations such as International Longevity Alliance, IEEEAnd ForbesBLK.


TimeXtension: Josiah Akinloye takes on the role of Co-Founder and CTO at Time extension, a revolutionary anti-aging and longevity research company based in France. Specializing in Remote Patient Monitoring and Telemedicine services, Time extension pioneering the transformation of healthcare through innovative technology.

Their approach integrates Smart Mobile Medical devices synchronized with the cloud via the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT), ensuring timely intervention and personalized patient care.

Other projects

  • An online store that offers a wide variety of robot components, embedded system components, and hardware components.
  • Advanced Artificial Intelligence platform designed to simulate the role of a human virtual personal assistant.


Josiah Akinloye extends his influence into literature as the author of the thought-provoking book titled Happiness without tears. This intellectual masterpiece delves into the intersection of technology, human evolution, and space engineering.

Addressing topics such as the future of intelligence, human development, longevity, space exploration, and the ethical implications of technological progress, Josiah invites readers to ponder the infinite possibilities Limits are emerging as we delve deeper into advanced technology.

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