Juan Rivera Biography: Age, Net Worth, Wiki, Wife, Siblings, Height, Movies and TV Shows

Juan Rivera Saavedra is a multi-talented American artist with rich Mexican roots.

He comes from a family deeply rooted in Mexican regional music, following in the footsteps of famous relatives like Jenni Rivera, Lupillo Rivera, Chiquis Rivera and Rosie Rivera.

With such a strong musical background, Juan Rivera Saavedra undoubtedly inherited a passion for music and performing, which is fully reflected in his singing and acting career.


  • Full name: Juan Rivera Saavedra
  • Stage name: Juan Rivera
  • Date of Birth: February 22, 1978
  • Age: 46
  • Birthplace: Long Beach, California
  • Nationality: Mexican-American
  • Occupation: singer, actor
  • Height: 1.88 m
  • Parents: Pedro Rivera, Ross Savadera
  • Siblings: Rosie Rivera, Pedro Rivera Jnr, Lupillo Rivera, Gustavo Rivera, Jenni Rivera
  • Spouse: Brenda Rivera
  • Children: Marina, Johnny, Frido and Divan Rivera
  • Relationship: Married
  • Net worth: $10 million

early life

Juan Rivera was born in the United States to Mexican immigrant parents, Pedro Rivera (also known as don tra tra ) and Rosa Saavedra (also known as doña gorritos ).

He began his music career at the age of 16 and released his first album, El Atizador, in 1996.

Despite becoming a father at an early age, Juan continued to pursue his love for singing. Notably, he is the sister of the famous Mexican regional singer Jenni Rivera.


Whether Juan Rivera received informal music training or attended workshops to improve his artistic skills remains to be determined.

Although officially confirmed, it remains to be seen whether he seeks educational opportunities related to his profession.

Unfortunately, there is a lack of publicly available information about Juan Rivera’s formal education, so we know very little about his academic background.


Juan Rivera is a talented musician who began his singing journey at the age of 16 with the release of his first album. “El Atizador,” in 1996.

Despite the early challenges of balancing a music career and fatherhood, Rivera persevered and released several successful albums, such as Que No Me Olvides (2000), Dejate Amar (2003) and “Y Su Nombre Era…Juan Rivera” (2008).

His hard work paid off and he achieved commercial success with the following hits: “El Ser Equivocado” and “La Lampara”, Both songs made their mark on the Billboard Latin charts.

Rivera has also collaborated with other artists in the regional Mexican music genre, including his famous siblings, Jenni Rivera and Lupillo Rivera. Juan Rivera has made a name for himself in the music industry through his dedication and talent.

Juan Rivera is a multi-talented artist who has made a name for himself in the music industry and has also ventured into show business.

His talent is inDisappointment with Creador” and documentary “Jenni Rivera: The Band Goddess.”

Despite his untimely death in 2009, Rivera’s legacy remains cherished in Mexican regional music. Fans around the world continue to appreciate his unforgettable performances, strong sense of family, and role in popularizing the genre in the United States.

Awards and nominations

Grammy Awards:

  • Nominations: 2
  • 60th Grammy Awards: “Despacito” wins Record of the Year

Latin Grammy Awards:

  • Nominations: 2
  • 21st Latin Grammy Awards:
  • Tutu wins Album of the Year
  • Best Album of the Year: China

Dr. Juan (TV show):

  • 2019 Daytime Emmy Award (Outstanding Spanish-language Entertainment Program) 1 nomination (shared)

social media

  • Instagram account: @juanriveramusic
  • Facebook account: Juan Rivera
  • Twitter: @juanriveramusic

personal life

Brenda and Juan’s love story began when they first met at the age of 17. Over the course of 22 years, their relationship blossomed into a deep bond, culminating in them tying the knot in 2021.

Despite numerous challenges along the way, Brenda always stood by Juan and provided him with unwavering support, helping him overcome his battle with alcohol addiction.

As a young father, responsibility was always a priority for Juan, especially considering his family’s prominent background in regional Mexican music, which includes such notable siblings as Jenni Rivera, Lupillo Rivera and Chiquis Rivera.


  • 1995: El Atizador
  • 1996: Santa Tregua Fireball
  • 1997: A dream comes true
  • 1998: Can I Give Up My Family?
  • 1999: The Insurgents
  • 2000: Comrades in Madrid
  • 2001: I love my taste
  • 2002: Juan Rivera and Sous Mas Allegris
  • 2003: Soybean Asia
  • 2004: De Traicion En Traicion
  • 2005: El Cirenito
  • 2006: Destiny
  • 2007: Juan Rivera Best Award
  • 2008: Puros Corridos Pesados
  • 2009: I’m willing to do your thing
  • 2010: Criminal Psychology
  • 2012: The Final Corridor

net worth

Juan Rivera is a talented American singer who has a net worth of $10 million.

His success in the music industry has enabled him to prosper financially and reflects his dedication and hard work as an artist.

Through his love of music and his artistic talents, Juan Rivera has become a prominent figure in the entertainment industry, gaining recognition and financial stability throughout his career.

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