Meet Laura Mustard! Her Age, Job, Girl

Donald Mustard is married to his wife Laura Mustard. The American video game founder said he hopes to spend more time with his family after retirement. So who is his wife?

Learn about her age, work and children in this article here.

Meet Laura Mustard, Donald Mustard’s Wife

Laura Mustard is Donald Mustard’s wife. As of August 31, 2006, the pair have been a happily married couple.

In April 2021, Donald spoke about his wife posting on his Instagram, “My partner in everything and the love of my life. From my first game project (where we met), Laura inspired and motivated me to always do more, reach higher and make things happen. From working together to raising a family, I’m happy to do it all with my best friend.”

On their anniversary in 2022, Laura posted on her IG, “Happy anniversary to my husband, mon cheri, @thedonaldmustard. Glad to be back at one of our favorite places. ❤️.”

Donald Mustard, Laura’s husband, 47 years old, was born on August 15, 1976. He founded the American video game company Chair Entertainment Group, LLC, headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah. He also serves as Creative Director of Epic Games and Loremaster of Fortnite until 2023.

Donald runs a successful studio where he showcases Xbox and iPhone features. He then became the face of one of the biggest and riskiest storytelling experiments in history because of Fortnite’s vast diversity. This month, Mustard, head of creative development at Epic Games, announced his retirement.

“I enjoyed spending time with my wife and family and am forever grateful to @TimSweeneyEpic and the Epic Games family,” Donald wrote.

In September 2023, Donald tweeted: “After an incredible adventure, I will be retiring as Creative Director at Epic this month. I’ve spent nearly 25 years collaborating in the games industry with some of the most talented people ever, and I’m so proud of what we’ve accomplished together. From the ambitious Advent Rising to the beginnings of ChAIR, where we created the trilogy Undertow, Shadow Complex and Infinity Blade, in honor of our small team becoming part of Epic, each new chapter gives allowed me to accomplish something new and unique. I’m especially proud of the opportunity I’ve had to help create and shape Fortnite.”

He concluded: “I am humbled to be a part of a team that strives to bring ‘fun and joy’ to the Fortnite community every day! We love watching you experience every moment – jumping from the Battle Bus for the first time, seeing a rocket open up the sky, dancing with friends after a Victory Royale, being sucked into a black hole or swept out to sea as way is The Island capsized – and so on! I can’t wait to share the future of Fortnite as a player with all of you! The teams are in the best hands and they are working on big, amazing, amazing things!!!”

Mustard daughter Donald and Laura

Based on American Sun, Donald and Laura Mustard are said to have four children together. Among them is their daughter Abby, who frequently appears on Laura’s IG.

The couple, along with their daughter Abby, are celebrating Easter in London. Laura wrote: “Celebrating Easter in London today. Wishing you a peaceful Holy Day. ❤️.”

Similarly, in September 2020, Laura posted a response with the caption: “I miss this baby girl! And this East Hampton beach. One of my favorite memories. #easthampton #longisland #timeless #old photos #beachlife #laborday.”

Mustard age Laura

In 2023, Laura Mustard is 49 years old.

What is Laura Mustard’s maiden name?

Laura Mustard’s maiden name is Laura Heeb. She is the daughter of Jim Heeb and Carol Heeb.

Carol attended Walt Whitman High School and Suffolk County Community College. She works as a Nurse and Children’s Healthcare Consultant at Carol Nurses’ Children’s Healthcare Consulting.

Jim attended the State University of New York at Farmingdale and Walt Whitman high schools. He worked at the United States Postal Service.

Laura has two siblings. Her brother named James Heeb is the owner of James Heeb Custom Carpentry. He lives in Ridge, New York. Meanwhile, her sister, Heather Heeb, is the owner/founder of Rustic Kandele Company, Associate Partner/Real Estate Broker at Keller Williams Realty, Inc., and Chair of the Board of Directors at Foundation for TJO Animals.

Heather is in a relationship with Dana Favreau. She lives in Massachusetts/Longmeadow.

Mustard work Laura

Laura is working as a journalist. She is the former director of marketing at Chair Entertainment from 2006 to 2019. She also worked at HighWater Group and Epic Games.

In the field of interactive entertainment, Laura has extensive experience. Before being acquired by Epic Games in 2008, she was the director of marketing for Chair Entertainment, a game developer co-founded and run by Donald. She has contributed to the marketing of many games, including Spyjinx, Empire, Shadow Complex, Infinity Blade, and Empire.

Laura currently works as a marketing and PR consultant, according to her LinkedIn profile, developing media plans, executing press campaigns and more for companies including Apple, Microsoft, Sony, Google and GameStop .

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  • Where does Laura Mustard come from?

Laura is from Medford, New York and lives in Salt Lake City, Utah.

  • When is Laura Mustard’s birthday?

There is no birthday for Laura Mustard.

  • Is Laura Mustard on Instagram?

Yes, Laura Mustard is available on Instagram.

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