BBN’s Queen Mercy questions Lord Lamba’s support in the custody battle

Reality TV star Queen Mercy Atang, popularly known as the Queen, has once again found herself embroiled in controversy. In a leaked WhatsApp message circulating online, the Queen asked skit artist Lord Lamba about his financial support for their daughter, Princess Keilah Kelvin Anagbogu. The message surprised many as the Queen seemed surprised by Lamba’s monthly contribution of N150,000 for their child.

The exchange comes amid an ongoing custody battle between the former couple, exacerbated by the Queen’s recent marriage to her new partner, David Oyekanmi. The decision to marry David increased tensions between the Queen and Lamba, leading to public expressions of discontent.

Leaked WhatsApp messages show the Queen’s misgivings about Lamba’s financial support, sparking speculation about the nature of their co-parenting agreement. The exact details of their custody agreement remain unclear, but the Queen’s reaction indicates dissatisfaction with Lamba’s contributions to their daughter’s welfare.

The leaked messages have sparked debate on social media, with many questioning the dynamics of the Queen and Lamba’s relationship after their split. Some criticized Queen for making her private matters public, while others sympathized with her concerns about supporting her daughter financially.

Check out the chat below;

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