Who is Ronni Lee? His Age, Job, Mom, Dad, TikTok, Wife Keith Lee

Ronni Lee is the woman behind Keith Lee’s success, but very few people know about her personal life. Fans got to know her through Keith’s videos but little did they know that she was the one who made them successful. So who is Ronni? What was her role in their prosperous rise to fame? Who are her father and mother?

Here’s what we discovered about Keith Lee’s wife, Ronni.

Meet Ronni Lee, Keith Lee’s wife

Ronnie Lee was a teenager while Keith Lee was in his 20s when they first met. They are said to have met in 2015 and been together since then.

In June 2019, Ronni gushed about her MMA fighter husband, “I don’t think you guys understand how much trust and love I have for this man. Tonight he let go of all the anger and pain I had seen him go through. And baby let me tell you, you did it! Back to the drawing board. Tonight we honor all of your hard work 😉😘 I love you, Mr. Lee.”

On their 4th anniversary in November 2019, Ronni wrote, “4 years and counting with me💛.”

Keith proposed to his wife in December 2019. Ronni announced the engagement via a post when she wrote: “My best friend is my fiancé. Feeling lucky and favored a lot. “Becoming Mrs. Lee”😝🤫👀 #proposal #marriage #fiance.” She posted a photo and a clip of the proposal on her IG.

In April 2020, Ronni announced that they were about to become parents for the first time. She captioned it: “Never a dull moment with you😂🧡 our kids don’t know what to expect🤰🏽❗️ #blacklove #quarantinelife.”

Their first daughter Karter-lynn was born on September 17, 2020 weighing 7lb 5oz and measuring 19.75 inches tall. Not long after, Keith bought a second car, which they considered “Dad’s mobile.” After giving birth, Ronni faced postpartum depression.

She added, “I have had several bouts of PPD. I pushed everyone away and wanted to be alone! I struggled with my weight, acne, and stretch marks. I am not satisfied! But these two things give me a reason to push myself to be better every day.”

The pair also started YouTube and Merch “which we had been joking about for years and wanted to try for fun and now love.”

Their other child is named Riley-Rae, born in September 2022. “I officially have a 3 year old and a 1 year old,” Keith wrote on September 28. “Happy birthday kids mine. Thank you for giving my life deeper purpose 🤞🏽.”

Ronni also spoke about the positive changes she has experienced as a mother to Karter and Riley. In June 2023, Ronni shared several photos of her and Keith with their daughters and during her pregnancy. She also wrote passionate tributes to her husband, praising him as a “wonderful partner to have children with.”

On Father’s Day 2023, Ronni posted a long post on his IG.

“OH MY ME! Where do I start? Choosing a great partner to have children with is everything. God willing when we decided to try for our kids, God saw us through both times, giving us Karter-Lynn and then Riley-Rae.

“You never miss a doctor’s appointment, a holiday, a birthday or your first steps,” she continued. “I am so lucky and happy to share who I am with the world! Everyone else sees you as a kind, God-fearing person, and that proves God saw through me when he chose you. We love you so much, husband! HAPPY FATHER’S DAY.”

Keith only addresses Ronni as his wife in public, despite the fact that they have not discussed the details of their wedding anniversary. He also acknowledged Ronni as the inspiration behind his decision to begin a career in cooking and food criticism.

In a May 2023 article for Today, Keith revealed that he started sharing movies on TikTok while Ronni was pregnant, during the Covid-19 quarantine. Finally, other food influencers like People Vs. Food started reaching out to Keith about working together, and Keith claims Ronni was the one who suggested he start reviewing food on his platform.

“I asked my wife what I should post on my page to get people to not just come and see but actually follow, and we decided to post a full review every day,” he explained to the outlet. ”. “The first act had about 11 million (views).”

Ronni Lee Age

Ronni Lee turns 27 in March 2023. Therefore, her year of birth is 1996.

Ronni Lee Mom And Dad

Ronni Lee has featured her family a few times and the posts include her mother, sister, and brothers.

On her mother’s birthday in 2023, Ronni wished her mother a happy 60th birthday by writing: “Happy birthday to the most important woman in this world to me! I don’t even need to write a long post to let you know how much I love and admire you! As a little girl, you inspired me in ways that no one else on earth could. For that, I am forever grateful. 60 years young and getting better 🤎🙏🏽.”

On his mother’s birthday in 2019, Ronnie wished her: “Happy birthday to my beautiful mother. – your favorite child.”

Ronni has at least three siblings including two brothers and a sister.

She neither introduced her father nor shared any trivia about her father on social media. However, on Facebook in 2023, she posted a video in which she captioned: “When family says you should make up with your dad. But none of their children have a father.” It shows that Ronnie and her father are not on good terms with each other.

Is Ronni Lee on TikTok?

That’s right, Ronni Lee is joining TikTok (@ron.geezy), which has a whopping 1.1 million followers. Her IG boasts 143K followers.

Ronni Lee Jobs

Ronni Lee is a digital creator and full-time mother. You can find her in some of Keith’s videos on his site. From videos of her longing for her pregnancy to him showing love to her and his family, she was always there holding down the fort.

On social networks, this family is not always famous. Not because of Keith’s exciting reviews, at least when they were first recognized. Ronni introduced the couple to the public.

“I would tell him I wanted a Pepsi at 2 a.m., so that’s how it started,” Ronni explained to 21Ninety. “I would say, ‘Oh, I want birria’ and he would go around and find a birria place…so that’s really how it happened. We don’t plan ahead and say ‘Hey, we have to create content today and it has to be this place.’”

“It’s one of those things where you know, you talk about your dreams and you say ‘no, that can’t happen for me. That’s not right.” And the fact that all of this fell into our lap is still truly incredible,” Ronni shares about her success.

Ronni asserts that she presents herself online a little differently than her husband. Intimate details about their marriage and family are revealed on Ronni’s page. Her expertise is more lifestyle oriented and somewhat transparent. She wants viewers to understand what it’s like to be a young mother juggling her rising online celebrity. Her films mainly aim to show their ups and downs as real people and what lies beyond the ratings.

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  • What is Ronni Lee’s maiden name?

Unfortunately, Ronni Lee’s maidenhood is not available at this time.

Ronni Lee is originally from Detroit, Michigan.

  • When is Ronni Lee’s birthday?

Ronni Lee’s birthday is on March 29.

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